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Jock 21

Want a dog who will be your most loyal companion? Look no further! My name is Jock. I'm part Lab. I love the outdoors—whether it’s sitting on the porch or going for a hike, I’m in! But I’m also 9, so sometimes I get tired during a walk, especially in the summer heat. I really love to nap. I would love to sleep by your feet all day long. I love how my foster mom works from home so we can spend all day together. And if you’ll let me on your couch or bed, I’ll be your best friend for life. My foster mom loves introducing me to new people, and I have loved everyone I have met! Sometimes I get nervous by loud noises, especially big trucks driving by. I don’t bark very often. My foster mom has only heard me bark a couple of times when I hear a knock at the door because I am protecting our home. But then once I see that it’s a new friend for me, I do a little happy dance!

My last home had small children, which made me very nervous. One time a kid pulled my tail, and I did not like that very much. So I need to be in a home without small children. My foster mom says she can’t believe my past because I’ve never shown any aggressive behavior during my time with her! I don’t do that well with new dog friends, so I would also like to be in a home without other dogs.

I have met other calm dogs easily and did okay. I might be able to live with another dog with proper introduction and some management while we get to know each other.

I’ve never chewed anything up or had an accident in my foster home, and I will bark or whine when it’s time for you to let me out. I know how to sit, stay, shake and roll over. I am a smart boy- throw in a treat and I’d love to learn a new trick or two with you!

If you need a best friend, a shadow, and someone to curl up on the couch with, I’m your dog!

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   Nine years old


   70 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Goofy, adventurous, playful, and affectionate.

Interaction with dogs:


He has been an only dog and may be able to get along with a social dog with guidance. Okay with other dogs on a leash.

Interaction with cats:


No cats.

Child requirements:

   Teenagers only.

Fence requirements:

   Would be great, but not required.

General activity level:


Medium to low.

Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:

   Great on a leash  .

Degree of training needed:  

Knows basic training sit, stay, roll over. He could use more training to help with dog interactions.

  • Jock is ready to go
    Jock is ready to go
  • Jock sniffing
    Jock sniffing
  • Jock trotting around the yard
    Jock trotting around the yard
  • Jock on a walk
    Jock on a walk
  • Jock Napping
    Jock Napping
  • Jock enjoying nature
    Jock enjoying nature
  • Jock after a walk
    Jock after a walk
  • Jock in the car
    Jock in the car
  • Jock wants to be on the couch
    Jock wants to be on the couch
  • Jock loves the porch and sunshine
    Jock loves the porch and sunshine
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