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International rescue

What a crazy month it has been since the CDC announced a ban on imports of dogs from over 100 international countries, including Turkey and China, where we are actively rescuing needy dogs. We put out a panicked plea for help and our village came through as you always do and we couldn’t be more grateful. 

Because of your compassion, we raised an incredible amount exceeding $50,000 to rescue as many dogs as we could before the deadline! And of course we couldn’t have accomplished this without our tireless volunteers who coordinated, transported, and helped clean the nasty crates that have travelled thousands of miles with the dogs inside. Our transporters drove a collective 4,000+ miles to Dulles, JFK, and Atlanta International airport’s to bring these dogs home to NRGRR.  

We were successful in bringing in 20 dogs from overseas, including 18 from Turkey and 2 from China. Sadly, the rescue of the mom and 7 puppies that we were desperately trying to get out of China had unforeseen complications and was cancelled at the last minute. But we are not giving up! We are working with other rescues on a plan to get them out of China to a safe country that will accept them until the ban is over. We are also investigating a campaign to petition the CDC to lift their ban on importing dogs. So please stay tuned as we will need your ongoing support to continue our Love Knows No Borders mission. 

International rescue

International rescue

International rescue

CDC Ban on Import of International Dogs

China Puppies

We have devastating news, the CDC announced on June 14th that dogs from China and Turkey will no longer be allowed into the US. This ban is catastrophic news for our international rescue. We have 10 dogs waiting in China, including this mom and her seven pups, to get on their freedom flight and we need to get them out before the ban starts on July 14th. Our international team has been working with international rescuers and other U.S. rescues to come up with a short-term action plan, and a longer term response. Our priority right now is getting as many dogs out of Turkey and China and into the states in the next few weeks. It is not a lot of time, but we are committed and focused. 

So, how can you help?

We need money to fund the trips! We are committed to bringing in our 10 dogs from China but unfortunately they must fly cargo, which is about 4 times the cost if the dogs travel with a flight volunteer. Once we reach our goal to get our China dogs, additional funds will be used to pull as many dogs as we can from Turkey and China, so please keep spreading the word far and wide. You can donate using the button to the left or on our Facebook fundraiser page.

VolunteerJoin the international transport team - We need people who will be able to travel on short notice to Dulles, JFK, or Atlanta. We arrange the cargo van but need people willing to travel long hours to pick up our dogs and bring them back to our vet partners. Trips are usually a two day endeavor. We have several dates lined up between now and July 14th and hope to have more, but dates often change suddenly and we have learned to be flexible.

Foster - We will need fosters lined up when the dogs arrive. If all goes as planned, we could have anywhere from 12-25 dogs coming in by July 14th. There is nothing more rewarding than providing a loving home for a dog in need.

Click the volunteer button above for more information and to apply for these opportunities.

NRGRR #50for2021

Join us as we dip our foot into international rescue. We have learned about the very real need to rescue golden retrievers living in some overseas countries, with some living in brutal conditions. Several golden retriever rescue groups in the states have already taken part in these rescue efforts and we are learning a lot from them, including the desperate need to get other rescue groups involved in this effort. Click here to read about what it took to accomplish our first international rescue.

With your generous support, NRGRR has rescued 65 international dogs from China, Turkey, and Kosovo over the past two years. Last year started off slow due to travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19 but we were still able to bring in 32 dogs, most in the last four months of the year. 


For 2021, we are setting our goal even higher and hope to rescue 50 international dogs! We need to raise between $60,000 and $100,000 to make it happen. Your continued support is needed more than ever to help us rescue #50for2021.

Watch the video below and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn more and track our #50for2021 fundraising campaign.

Donor Match

A very generous donor has just offered to match all donations to our International Rescue Campaign in March, up to $10,000.


  • Click on the flags below to learn more out our rescue efforts in those countries.
  • Visit our International Alumni page to see the dogs we have saved.




How Can You Help?

dog with bowl

We could not be successful without the energy and dedication of our amazing volunteers and monetary support from our donors and sponsors. If you would like to contribute to our international efforts, please follow the links below to learn how you can help. If you are interested in adopting one of our international dogs, please follow the adoption info link.


We have many opportunities available and are grateful for every volunteer’s participation and contribution. From flight volunteers to administrative work, we have many areas where people can volunteer their time. If you're interested in volunteering with our international rescue efforts, please click the volunteer button to learn more and fill out an application form.


Adoption fees cover only about half of the total cost of caring for a rescued golden in our program, the majority of which is for medical treatments (86%). Sadly, the number of golden retrievers who have entered our program and the costs related to their medical care have dramatically increased over the past several years. Now that we have expanded our rescue efforts internationally, donations are even more important!  

Adoption Info

The decision to place one of our dogs into an adoptive home is our most important work. These international dogs are looking for a new lease on life, and deserve a new loving home. If you think that might be you, please click the Adoption Info button to learn the steps to adopt from us and to complete the application.

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