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Fancy smiling

Hi my name is Fancy! I came to NRGRR as a scared girl who was unsure “how to be a dog”. I have made great progress in my foster’s home!  I  am a sweet, beautiful, loving girl but I still am learning how to relax and trust people!  I am low energy and love sleeping on the couch all day. However, I do well on my daily walks once you get me out the door! I am great in the crate and well-behaved in the house.

I would do best in a quiet home with a consistent low-key routine. I am skeptical of new people, but warm up with some loving pets. I would love a home with another calm, respectful dog who can show me how to be confident outside and inside, but not one that engages in energetic play which would be too overwhelming while I get adjusted.

My new adopters will need patience and need to understand that I slowly learn to trust.  I get scared in new situations and with lots of activity and loud noises cause me to shut down or retreat to one of my safe spots (crate or couch). I do not like thunder and I do not like when it is raining and do not want to go outside to potty. I had one accident in my foster’s house, and it was when it was raining outside.

Here are some additional comments from my foster parents:   

Fancy is an under-socialized, retired breeder dog who will retreat when she is uncertain.  She prefers to stay in her comfort zone (e.g., couch, crate, or backseat of your vehicle).  While she is timid and nervous, she also is very loving and craves human contact; if you give her tender attention, she will gently seek more affection.  She has playfully engaged with calm and polite dogs.  She is adjusting slowly but she remains skittish and spooks easily.  She will need a very slow transition and for you to understand that it’s on her timeline - it could take months for her to learn to relax and enjoy the good life that she so deserves.  Do you have a quiet and consistent lifestyle that will allow Fancy to blossom and learn how to be loved?

Fancy is only available to approved NRGRR applicants who submitted their applications by June 17th, 2022.

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   6 years


   50 lbs

Health status:

  Healthy; proper nutrition and care are improving her itchy, dry skin

Major personality traits:

   Sweet, shy, loving, quiet, timid, calm, skittish, couch potato

Interaction with dogs:

  Good - has been living with a calm, respectful dog

Interaction with cats:

   Good - has ignored the cat in her foster home     

Child requirements:

   Requires a quiet home without young children because sudden movements/boisterous activities startle her and she shuts down.

Fence requirements:


Tall/strong fence preferred (She escaped from her previous home); she has been most relaxed outside when in a fenced, protected area to free roam.

General activity level:


Low but will play with resident dog for short spurts and can walk 3 miles at a leisurely pace.

Work schedule best suited for:


Someone home most of the time or not consistently gone for more than 4 hours

Leash manners:


Good when she is comfortable but will pull when she is anxious or ready to head back to her comfort zone.   

Training needed:   Needs to learn basic commands; and she needs slow socialization without pressure.
  • Fancy waiting for a belly rub
    Fancy waiting for a belly rub
  • Fancy smiling
    Fancy smiling
  • Fancy rocking her bandana
    Fancy rocking her bandana
  • Fancy relaxing in pine straw
    Fancy relaxing in pine straw
  • Fancy ready to go outside
    Fancy ready to go outside
  • Fancy on couch
    Fancy on couch
  • Fancy on a walk
    Fancy on a walk
  • Fancy and all her toys
    Fancy and all her toys
  • Fancy loves her couch
    Fancy loves her couch
  • Fancy Long Legged Beauty
    Fancy Long Legged Beauty
  • Fancy Happy girl face
    Fancy Happy girl face
  • Fancy is a beauty
    Fancy is a beauty
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