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Fostering Our Dogs

We are currently looking for foster homes for the dogs listed below.  There are several types of fosters needed at any one time.
  • Fosters Homes -There is nothing more rewarding than providing a loving home for a dog in need.  Our coordinators work with fosters to match dogs to the right foster home, and we provide foster training throughout the year. All you have to do is provide food, love, exercise and attention!
  • Permanent Fosters - Consider becoming a foster for one of our special needs dogs.  You provide a loving home for the dog for the rest of his life and we pay for all the medical bills.  You only have to provide food, toys, a bed and LOVE.
  • Temporary Fosters - Are you interested in babysitting?  We support our foster homes in every way that we can; including making sure their foster dog has a place to hang when they need to go out of town.  Most temporary foster gigs can be a weekend, or sometimes longer.  If you are not sure you are ready or able to foster, this is a great way to try it out!
If you think you can help with one of the dogs listed below and have been approved, please send an email to Mimi Suddath at

NRGRR fosters need to live in the larger Triangle area, within a 30 minute drive of one of our vet partners. If you have not filled out an application, please read the Steps to Foster flyer for more information about the application process and then complete the Foster Application.

Dogs Needing Fosters - June 6, 2021

Turkey Barak20 bouncing along
Turkey Barak20 - Permanent foster

This one is very near and dear to my heart. Last September, three lovely goldens arrived from Turkey.  I had the pleasure of welcoming Barak into my home.  I did not know the journey we were beginning.  I have learned so much about this happy boy – and about gastrointestinal issues!

You could tell from his initial pictures that something was ‘just not right’ with this boy.  He came in weighing only 35 pounds – and now he is a whopping, healthy 55 pounds!!  We have worked hard for each of those additional pounds and I’m so proud of him.

Because Barak will need monitoring of his medical needs and is currently on 4 daily medications as well as B-12 injections, the decision was made to keep him in program as a NRGRR permanent foster.  The cool thing about having a permanent foster is you have Katie McKay as your partner managing his medical needs and NRGRR picking up the expense of his meds and prescription food.  AJ Pfander has been an amazing Coordinator (to both Barak and me! - and you can see in the pictures how much Barak loved visiting her grassy backyard).  Both AJ and I will always be available to help and answer questions.  Barak has been with Page Point Animal Hospital so we’re hoping to keep him there.

While I love Barak, I am not the best spot for him.  My life and my neighborhood are way too boring.  This boy loves attention and meeting people on his walks – we hardly ever see anyone.  He’s a social boy!  He would love a patio or deck where he could spend time outside and away from the temptations of bark, pine cones and nuts that he is greeted with when he steps out my back door.

Turkey Toby does some office work
Turkey Toby21 - Foster
He's a beautiful 2 year old golden from Turkey - and he's ready to come back from training into a foster home. Toby is smart and fun and beautiful. He's made a few mistakes of the nipping kind when he didn't have good structure - but he's learned a lot in training!

What kind of home does Toby need to continue to build on his obedience training? 
*Adults only home - providing both structure and fun - rules and exercise - and no he cannot have full range of the house or sleep with you on the couch on day 1 or day 21!
*Dogs are OK - he lived nicely with a golden in his 1st foster home but our trainer said that he mostly ignored the other dogs but could also be playful.
*Cats are unknown.
*Someone who loves to teach a dog tricks and new things and will not get lax on rules.
*Tennis Balls - this boy loves to chase a tennis ball*Surplus love - he also loves love

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