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Fostering Our Dogs

We are currently looking for foster homes for the dogs listed below.  There are several types of fosters needed at any one time.
  • Fosters Homes -There is nothing more rewarding than providing a loving home for a dog in need.  Our coordinators work with fosters to match dogs to the right foster home, and we provide foster training throughout the year. All you have to do is provide food, love, exercise and attention!
  • Permanent Fosters - Consider becoming a foster for one of our special needs dogs.  You provide a loving home for the dog for the rest of his life and we pay for all the medical bills.  You only have to provide food, toys, a bed and LOVE.
  • Temporary Fosters - Are you interested in babysitting?  We support our foster homes in every way that we can; including making sure their foster dog has a place to hang when they need to go out of town.  Most temporary foster gigs can be a weekend, or sometimes longer.  If you are not sure you are ready or able to foster, this is a great way to try it out!
If you think you can help with one of the dogs listed below and have been approved, please send an email to Mimi Suddath at

NRGRR fosters need to live in the larger Triangle area, within a 30 minute drive of one of our vet partners. If you have not filled out an application, please read the Steps to Foster flyer for more information about the application process and then complete the Foster Application.

Dogs Needing Fosters - July 30, 2021

Lyndon 21
Lyndon - Foster needed

Lyndon is 5 years old and 64 pounds.  He has been neutered and is ready to go now. He is scared and struggling in the vet environment.  Lyndon and Lewis have lived their life on a large property with very little socialization to people and the noises we create.
So what do they need?  A home in a quiet environment.  A secure fence.  Another calm dog to help them learn that people are good and show them the joys of being a family companion.  No young children.  A foster who is patient and will help them unfold at their own pace and will keep them safe and secure during the process.
It's a beautiful thing to help a scared dog come out of his shell.  If you have the right environment, I highly recommend this experience.  And you know we have a great team to help you!

Turkey Lola 21a
Turkey Lola - Foster needed

The beautiful Lola is looking for a foster that is home most of the time.  And willing to start working with her on how to manage separation anxiety on Day 1.  Starting this work right off the bat and being consistent will help her settle in.  And we have resources to walk you through what to do.
One of our fosters as been serving as her doggie day care while her fosters are at work. Here are her comments:
This is one sweet, loving, velcro dog! She will calm down and settle into a home with someone who has experience and exudes some authority. Even though I don't think it's 100% necessary for her to have another dog around, I think it will help her to share (she takes all of Madi's toys out of her mouth!) and learn the rules of the house. It took Lola 3 days with us before starting to play with Madi, instead of bossing her around, but now they wrestle playfully just like any other young dogs. One thing I am sure of is she needs someone around during the day - and any human will do. She loves ALL people, is great with kids, walks well on a leash, is fully potty trained, but will bark straight at your face if you don't "love on" her enough (we're working on this)! She gets extremely jealous and pitches a tantrum if we pet Madi in front of her, we're working on this too (hence the learning to share part). 

Zoom 21 Freedom Ride
Zoom - Foster needed

Our handsome young boy, Zoom, is looking for a new foster. Zoom is about a 1-year old, very handsome, confident boy! He loves a good belly rub, playing with other dogs and peanut butter and chicken as a good boy snack. With his age, he has a lot of energy! He hasn't grown out of some puppy behavior and is getting ready to start heartworm treatment.  So this is a great opportunity to learn how to tire a dog without miles of walking and exercise.   

He sleeps well in his crate at night and is house broken. He doesn't bark much unless he's excited and wants to play. He is decent on a leash but can attempt to pull away when a squirrel catches his eye. 

He's a puppy and specifically needs some discipline on play biting/nipping and what is not acceptable to chew in the house. If someone has experience with puppies or young dogs that would be best. 

Zander 2
Zander - Temp Foster needed

He is a handsome, medium sized dog and he has been in boarding for weeks! His caretakers say he is so sweet, quiet, and greets everyone with a wagging tail.  Please think about helping this guy transition into his new life!

Zander has a very eager adopter who cannot take him until mid-August.  We need someone for a couple of weeks so he doesn't have to stay in boarding.

Jock watching TV with his buddy
 Jock - Foster to Adopt

If you have been thinking of adoption but aren't quite sure, foster to adopt might be an option for you. 

Jock is a lovely 9 year old Lab mix. He needs a new foster or an adopter.  His previous foster adores him and says Jock has loved everyone he has met. Please see his webpage for more information:

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