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Dogberry sun on his face

My name is Dogberry and I am looking forward to meeting you! I am a high energy, growing puppy who requires a lot of attention, play and exercise. I have been described as a puppy with enormous potential but I need the right environment and family who can dedicate the time and patience it takes to train me and help me reach that potential. I respond well to focused, direct, and consistent training, especially when treats are involved. I can (almost always) sit, lay down, and stay on command and am great at letting you know when I need to go outside and use the restroom. I am crate trained and napping during the day or sleeping through the night in my crate is not a problem.

I would love a home with active adults who would enjoy having lots of fun with me! I’m a boy who needs more than a casual walk a day. I have a very busy brain and would love to do agility, scent work, dog sports, or other fun training activities.  I love playing with other dogs if you happen to have some, or I wouldn’t mind regular playdates with your friends’ dogs, too.

I am curious about cats and chickens but I don’t want to hurt them. Actually I am just plain nosey and will get into things if you are not around. I am happy in my crate and it is a good place for me when you can’t be with me or if I need some nap time.

I have a wonderful heart and really will love being around you. When I trust you, I'll want you to rub my belly whenever you can! One thing you should know is that, like all toddlers, I have big emotions. However, there are times when I have trouble expressing my frustration and I do not like being physically restrained, especially by my collar. I have been living with my trainer for awhile and she would like to work with my new family members for a couple of weeks to make sure we understand each other.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your family soon and I am so thankful that you’re interested in welcoming me into your home.

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NOTE:  To adopt one of our dogs, you must be a resident of North Carolina and reside within 100 miles of Raleigh, NC. 

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   Nine months old


   About 45 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Playful, friendly and excitable. Very smart and likes to be busy.

Interaction with dogs:


Loves to play with other dogs and is very energetic in the process.

Interaction with cats:


Good with cats.

Child requirements:


No kids. Adults only.

Fence requirements:



General activity level:


High puppy energy. Needs regular exercise for his body and brain. He would be good at agility, scent work, and other dog sports.

Work schedule best suited for:


Someone who can be home with him during the day and willing to crate him when they go out.

Leash manners:


Improving. Leash pulling is still prevalent but is getting better with daily training.

Type of training required:   

He needs to continue obedience training and we would require sessions with his trainer in Raleigh to help you transition him into your home for a couple of weeks.

Degree of adopter experience needed:   

Someone who is an experienced dog handler and enjoys working and training dogs. Dogberry needs an active, patient person willing to commit to training. He needs continued help on relaxation and impulse control. He has learned a great deal and is a happy and fun dog to be with, but there is more work to do. He has responded well to training in residence and needs to continue working on the skills he has learned in order to be a wonderful dog.

  • Dogberry 21
    Dogberry 21
  • Dogberry sun on his face
    Dogberry sun on his face
  • Dogberry and his buddy
    Dogberry and his buddy
  • Dogberry soft eyes
    Dogberry soft eyes
  • Dogberry two friends
    Dogberry two friends
  • Dogberry 21
    Dogberry 21
  • Dogberry and his chew toy
    Dogberry and his chew toy
  • Dogberry in his crate
    Dogberry in his crate
  • Dogberry looking at chew toy
    Dogberry looking at chew toy
  • Dogberry on the floor
    Dogberry on the floor
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