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Da Vinci is a grand old dude! He is sweet as well as a little bit of a curmudgeon but well earned at 9 years of a hard life until now. He is crate and house trained and he walks nicely on leash. Da Vinci's back end was injured long ago and has since healed. He is on mild pain medcations and his sometimes wobbly hind legs DON'T slow him down at all!! Da Vinci is learning social skills from the foster female dogs he lives with. No male buddy dogs for this guy, he can be grumpy towards male dogs. Da Vinci would be best in an adults only home with no cats and no male dogs. 

Da Vinci is never going to be a playmate for an energetic dog. Not his style, he doesn't want to be jumped on. If you want a couch potato buddy who just thinks you hang the moon, follows you around, likes walks in your neighborhood or wherever, then this is your boy!

He really likes going places and seeing new things! I'm pretty sure this is the first time ever that Da Vinci has seen the outside world. Da Vinci is used to caring for himself, and reminds us a little of the Tramp in Lady and the Tramp. "I don't need your help" was his motto for a while. Now he looks to me for a lot of good things he's become accustomed to (treats, toys, dog beds, leashes and walks)! 

Da Vinci has really blossomed into a proper gentleman who can finally learn what the good life is all about! He loves his new life and wakes up with a big smile EVERY DAY!  Da Vinci needs a slow track house who understands that this guy still has some life in him and he is VERY ready to live it!

Who is ready for a fabulous boy?!

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   Nine years old


   62 pounds

Health status:


Great. He can be itchy and has a gait issue from an old injury.

Major personality traits:


He is confident, affectionate, and curious.

Interaction with dogs:


Good with social female dogs. Not good with other male dogs.

Interaction with cats:

   No cats.

Child requirements:

   No kids.    

Fence requirements:

   It would be wonderful but not required.

General activity level:


Medium to low

Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:



Degree of training needed:


Continuing good manners training would help him  live his best life with you!

  • DaVinci goes for a swim
    DaVinci goes for a swim
  • Da Vinci goes for a walk
    Da Vinci goes for a walk
  • DaVinci with his buddies
    DaVinci with his buddies
  • Da Vinci on the trail
    Da Vinci on the trail
  • DaVinci
  • DaVinci on the bridge
    DaVinci on the bridge
  • You want me in that
    You want me in that
  • DaVinci training a friend how to walk on a leash
    DaVinci training a friend how to walk on a leash
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