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My name is Da Vinci.  I'm part lovable sweetheart and part distinguished gentleman.  I'm very well behaved with lots of love to give.  I wake up happy everyday - people really like that about me! My coat is short and a beautiful golden color that is soft to pet and easy to care for.

I'm 7-9 years old but I can still get bursts of puppy-like energy and love playing with balls or running around the backyard (see my video below!).  But most days I just want to explore the world with you.  I get super excited when my human picks up the leash and somehow manage to sit and wag my tail at the same time while the leash is attached.  I have great leash skills and will walk right next to you without pulling.  And I love to ride in the car!  I hop right in as soon as you open the door and sometimes if I think the trip hasn't been long enough, I'll refuse to get out! (Don't worry, I'm easily bribed with treats.)

During the day, I love to follow my human around or cuddle or just chill out somewhere where I can keep an eye on everyone.  I'm completely house trained. I understand that I'm not invited everywhere, so I'm good in my crate if you have to go to work all day.  Just give me some love and a long walk when you return, and I'll be happy.

I'm good about not begging for food from my humans and I'll only counter surf if the food smells really, really good.  If you leave out a smelly shoe, I'll probably chew on it, but I don't look for trouble.  I'm almost perfect, but not quite.  I do think it is rude when people disturb me while I'm eating my food or chewing on a toy - I don't like that.  But if you tell me to stop or give me something else to chew on, I adjust.  Just don't make me share.

I don't like it when people or dogs surprise me or intrude on my space.  I'm okay with predictable, calm older kids.  And I'm okay with well behaved female dogs who don't mind if I'm the boss. Cats I just ignore.  I'm an older guy and set in my ways, but I love all the people.  I do have some arthritis and an old back injury, but you'll rarely see it slow me down at all thanks to some daily mild pain medication.

I have the cutest little smile to go with my big, goofy ears.  Every day is a joy to me and I can't wait to add some joy to your life too!

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   Seven to nine years old.


   62 pounds

Health status:


Great. He can be itchy and has a gait issue from an old injury.

Major personality traits:


He is confident, affectionate, and curious.

Interaction with dogs:


Good with social female dogs.He is okay with calm male dogs with an introduction.

Interaction with cats:

   He ignores cats.

Child requirements:

   No kids.    

Fence requirements:

   It would be wonderful but not required.

General activity level:


Medium to low

Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:



Degree of training needed:


Continuing good manners training would help him  live his best life with you!

Da Vinci is so excited to meet his new family! Could that be you?

  • Pick me!
    Pick me!
  • DaVinci with a ball
    DaVinci with a ball
  • Is that treat for me
    Is that treat for me
  • DaVinci is a handsome dude
    DaVinci is a handsome dude
  • DaVinci at the Meet and Greet
    DaVinci at the Meet and Greet
  • Da Vinci goes for a walk
    Da Vinci goes for a walk
  • Da Vinci on the trail
    Da Vinci on the trail
  • DaVinci
  • DaVinci on the bridge
    DaVinci on the bridge
  • You want me in that
    You want me in that
  • DaVinci training a friend how to walk on a leash
    DaVinci training a friend how to walk on a leash
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