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China Robert 21

Hi, I am Robert, I am just 8 months old but have probably experienced more than most other 8 months old Golden Retrievers. You see, I was born in China and unfortunately, at just 8 weeks old I was loaded on a truck headed for the meat market. However, my three brothers and I got incredibly lucky since a good person rescued us and brought us to a rescue facility in China. I stayed there for a while and then I was sent on my freedom flight to the US.

Because of all the craziness, I am pretty shy, I didn't really get to know the humans at the facility since they were scary. Now I am in a foster home with my foster sisters and my human foster parents and I am starting to figure out that humans are actually kind of nice. I LOVE dogs and I will do even the scary things if a doggy friend does it with me. I have been in my foster home for almost a month and I am getting used to a lot of things. I kind of love the pets the humans give me and I especially like the scratches behind my ears, that makes me get sleepy. I also really like my crate now and sleep in it at night. Loud noises still scare me and I am trying really hard to be brave around them.  

Here is what my foster mom says about me: Robert is 8 months and was a little underweight when he first got here. He has gained some weight and is probably closer to 45 pounds or 50 pounds. Judging by Robert's paws he is not going to be a small dog, and he has some growing left to do.

Robert is incredibly sweet and eager to get to know the humans that scare him. In just three weeks Robert went from hiding under chairs and behind couches to jumping ON the couch to ask for pets. It is always incredible to see how a frightened dog takes a leap of faith.  Once Robert will go into his furever home, he will take a little while to adjust, but with the help of a canine brother or sister, he will find the courage quickly to come out of his shell. We definitely think that Robert needs a second dog in the home to feel comfortable. After just a few weeks Robert has made tremendous changes, he is now happy to see us if we come through the door. He really wants to be around humans!  It will just take a little while for him to gain confidence. 

China Robert is available to approved applicants only. You must have a current approved application with NRGRR.
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  Eight months


  45 to 50 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Very shy but smart and loving.

Interaction with dogs:


Loves other dogs, no issues, plays nicely. He would really like another dog in his family to help him come out of his shell.

Interaction with cats:


Child requirements:


Currently scared of younger children but not aggressive. After some time should be fine.

Fence requirements:


A fence would be good, but regular walks are great and playtime with another dog.

General activity level:


Quiet, but loves to play with other dogs

Work schedule best suited for:


Someone who works from home or has a half-day work schedule.

Leash manners:


Pretty good, except when he gets scared of noise or people, he will then pull towards the house.

Degree of training needed:

  Robert needs a patient and experienced dog owner to help overcome his shyness and become more confident.            
  • China Robert being serious
    China Robert being serious
  • China Robert handsome in a bandana
    China Robert handsome in a bandana
  • China Robert camera shy
    China Robert camera shy
  • China Robert 21
    China Robert 21
  • China Robert and Libby
    China Robert and Libby
  • China Robert in his fuzzy bed
    China Robert in his fuzzy bed
  • China Robert loves his creature comforts
    China Robert loves his creature comforts
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