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Available Dogs - Chewbarka

Chewy At the Front Door

Hi! My name is Chewbarka but my foster family calls me Chewy. I am a handsome 8 year old who was very scared and nervous when first coming to the rescue.  Thanks to my foster family, I have overcome a lot and am ready for my forever home. 

Here are a few things about me …

I am a Velcro dog; I just want to be wherever you are.

If you work from home, I make an excellent office mate. 

I like to window watch.

I love taking walks with you.

I can sit nicely and gently takes treats.

I prefer to be your one and only so I can get all the attention!  

I need a slow introduction when meeting new dogs. Once I know they are ok, I'm good. I do better with other dogs who are chill and not high energy.  

I am working on my leash manners, but can get excited and pull when I find a new scent.

I don't play with toys much but do appreciate a good raw soup bone to gnaw on.

Even though I don't chew on toys, I sometimes have cravings to chew on magazines, toilet rolls and anything you have in the office waste basket [mostly paper].

I am house trained and do not like to be crated. I have proven to my foster family that I can be trusted when they are away. 

And I can sleep quietly through the night and hope I can sleep in the same room as you on the floor. 

I don't ask for much, I just want you to be my person. 

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   8 years


   60 lbs

Health status:

   Good, overcoming some skin issues. 

Major personality traits:

   Friendly, quiet, chill, best friend, can be vocal 

Interaction with dogs:

  Needs a slow introduction, otherwise not interested 

Interaction with cats:

   OK with a confident cat

Child requirements:

   Older children

Fence requirements:


Fence preferred/recommended 

General activity level:

   Medium to low

Work schedule best suited for:


Work from home; does not like to be alone 

Leash manners:


Work in progress, pulls and needs some work

Training needed:   Can sit and come, reinforce all basic commands, build confidence when meeting new dogs
  • Chewy Smiling
    Chewy Smiling
  • Chewy on the Left
    Chewy on the Left
  • Chewy At the Front Door
    Chewy At the Front Door
  • Chewy
  • Chewy_s Sweet Face
    Chewy_s Sweet Face
  • Chewy the Good Boy
    Chewy the Good Boy
  • Chewy Watching You
    Chewy Watching You
  • Chewy Sitting in the Backyard
    Chewy Sitting in the Backyard
  • Chewy in the Backyard
    Chewy in the Backyard
  • Chewy Hanging Out
    Chewy Hanging Out
  • Chewy In Office
    Chewy In Office
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