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Available Dogs - Charlie

Charlie smiles

*Professional Stray Seeking New Opportunities*


*Sniffing skills 10/10
*Held position as Stray for 8+ months
*Successfully evaded cars and other stressful dangers
*Exploration skills top notch
*Squirrel and rabbit chasing skills 10/10
*Excellent at marking his territory on various trees and bushes outdoors to make sure the other dogs knew he was there.

A few months ago, Charlie lost his position as Professional Stray Dog due to no fault of his own. While he would have loved to continue exploring to his heart's content, free food became too tempting, and he was removed from his position as Professional Stray Dog.

He was taken to a place called "shelter" and the humans often said about him that he was a "good dog" and had "a lot of potential". The shelter had less space to explore, but it came with free food, and scratches that felt good from the humans.

They used a thing called "leash", which really felt more like shackles to Charlie. At least for awhile. Now he understands that "leash" means he gets to go explore. His favorite part of his previous position as Professional Stray Dog was to explore.

Charlie was moved to a place called "foster", which he didn't like at first. They used something called "crate" for him to sleep in at night (and while they were away). But "foster" had a really really long leash (15 feet) and let Charlie explore, sniff, and pee on bushes. After awhile, "crate" started to feel more like a cozy den (and free food showed up inside it every day too).

Foster has cats, other dogs, and chickens. Charlie doesn't like any of them. The chickens look like dinner. So do the cats. Foster says that Charlie has free food (2 meals per day) and doesn't "need" the chickens. Whatever that means. Chasing the chickens looks like more fun than free food. Free food tastes good but it is boring. It doesn't run. Foster says only free food from here on out.

The other dogs are fine, but Charlie doesn't like them much. His experiences with other dogs while in his role of Professional Stray Dog were not great, and taught him that he should expect conflict with other dogs. Because of this, he will make himself appear larger, and try to scare them off away from him. As a result, foster only allows him to sniff other dogs through the fence for a few seconds at a time if he remains calm. Charlie doesn't need or care for the company of other dogs to make him happy in a new role.

During his stay with "foster" Charlie learned a lot of new skills, to prepare him for his new desired role of "Adopted Family Dog".  He is hoping his new skills will land him the job.

Those new skills include:

*Walking on a leash
*Holding still for brushing, baths, and blow drying (Charlie has a lot of hair).
*Going into crate on command (with the help of some treats and a leash at first).
*Enjoying scratches and pets from humans
*Riding inside of a car
*Sitting on command
*Taking treats from humans
*Putting his front paws in the "doggy pool" on a hot day.

Charlie is roughly 55lbs, a mature (3yo) adult, and likely a lab/golden/beagle mix.

If you have a position for "Adopted Family Dog" available, please consider Charlie to fill the role.


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   3 years


   60 lbs

Health status:


Major personality traits:


Confident, independent, stoic

Interaction with dogs:


Dog selective, best as an only dog

Interaction with cats:

   Exhibits prey drive with cats and chickens. No small animals in home preferred.

Child requirements:

   Teens and up

Fence requirements:


Would like a fence, any height okay. Fence not required for the perfect match

General activity level:

Average, would be satisfied with 20-60 minutes of exploring per day (on a long leash in a field of tall grass or the woods is his favorite)

Work schedule best suited for:


Any, Charlie is crate trained and quiet in his crate.

Leash manners:


Responsive and learning but still pulls a bit

Training needed:   General reinforcement of house rules and leash manners.
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    Charlie smiles
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