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Captain Morgan 6

Hello, hello, Captain Morgan here!

Before I became a Neuse River Golden retriever Rescue dog I had not seen many people and places. Many things are new to me but I am very brave, curious and love to explore.

I just LOVE people! When I meet you I promise I will give you a lot of kisses and put my paw on your hand asking for a lots of attention. No need to return my kisses.

I like to be close to my humans. I am living now with my foster brother and sister. We play a lot but to be honest I would rather have them live in the guest house and come over for visits. I love to have my people just for myself!

I am learning how to behave at home when no one is around. I do not jump on furniture and I do not chew most human belongings. I love my toys and stuffed kongs are my favorite!

I love spending time outside and riding in the car to see places. I love going for walks and playing in the backyard.

I am a very sweet, handsome and smart boy looking for my forever home. I hear my foster parents saying I need someone who will love me (Yes!), exercise me (Yes!), give me good food (Yes!) and make sure I do not overeat (Oh no!). Could it be you? We will talk about the food later…

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   About one years old


   50 pounds

Health status:

    Excellent overall. Captain Morgan is a Tripawd. He recovered very well from the surgery. We are looking for an adopter who will ensure that Captain stays in a good shape. Working on building strong core muscles is essential for him to avoid injury and build stamina. He can already walk on leash for 15-30 min.     

Major personality traits:


Super sweet, playful, affectionate and very smart.

Interaction with dogs:

   Friendly and playful but humans are his favorite.             

Interaction with cats:


Child requirements:


Dog savvy children, playful with dogs but aware of tripawd needs.

Fence requirements:


General activity level:


Medium, Captain Morgan is very active during play time and settles down after. He can lay on the floor just watching what his humans do, in the kitchen or in a home office.

Work schedule best suited for:


Someone who is more at home than not or can make midday arrangements for him.

Leash manners:


Good. It’s easier for tripawds to hop along at a quicker pace than it is to walk slowly and to take more frequent breaks.

Degree of training needed:


Continue basic training, Captain Morgan learns very quickly with positive reinforcement training methods.

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    Captain Morgan 4
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    Captain morgan 2
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    Captain Morgan 1
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    Captain Morgan 3
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    Captain Morgan 9
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    Captain Morgan 6
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    Captain Morgan 19
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    Captain Morgan lakeside
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    Captain Morgan Mudslide
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    Captain morgan watching the lake
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