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Available Dogs - Boz Scaggs

Boz being a good boy

Hi I’m Boz! I am a magnificent energetic young dog and I've got some specific things in mind for my new home. The Neuse River people think I am a great, friendly, affectionate dog and say I deserve the BEST!

I absolutely LOVE being outside, and I can jump a 5 foot fence so a 6 foot or higher fence is a must. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings by jumping those little fences - it's just that there are SQUIRRELS!!! Apparently I have a lot of what the humans call "prey drive". I just know that I want to charge after things that move! I've been to training and I'm good on leash if you're a good handler - even if I see a deer (so exciting! but I can handle it if you'll lead me). 

I can settle down in the house or in my crate after some adventures. I'm companionable and friendly with other dogs, but I don't really do a lot of playing with them. Maybe I just haven't met the right one for playing but I like all the dogs I've met. I'm good in the car so my human is taking me places and that's fun. People want to pet me and tell me how big and handsome I am.

I am learning to sit on command. I still need a little help focusing but I want to do good. I respond really well to a calm tone of voice and having my head and back rubbed...oh it feels so good!! I can promise that I am very loving and quick to give affection and kisses! Aggression? What’s that? No, I have no issues with aggression...including food and other dogs. But no cats, please. They look so much like squirrels!

With a little work, my forever humans can help to refocus my energy to a calmer demeanor. I mean hey, I’m still a young lad but really do respond well to my environment. Currently, my foster humans are working with me to help me control some of my enthusiasm. So it’s preferable that my forever humans have the time and patience to dedicate to me. In return, I have THE BEST personality and will definitely make you laugh!!! In fact, my foster humans have been calling me Bozo because they say I am such a character!

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   Two years old.


   81 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Goofy, gives love and affection easily, full of energy, and loves the outdoors.

Interaction with dogs:



Interaction with cats:


No cats.

Child requirements:



Fence requirements:


He needs a tall six foot fence. A privacy fence would be perfect.

General activity level:


High energy

Work schedule best suited for:


He loves the outdoors, but I believe he would be fine in his crate for several hours if needed during the day. 

Leash manners:


Needs some extra attention and training but loves to roam free in a fenced in yard.

Type of training required:  

Learn to focus and some more work on obedience and leash.

  • Boz Scaggs 20
    Boz Scaggs 20
  • Boz goofy in the yard
    Boz goofy in the yard
  • Boz looking down from the deck
    Boz looking down from the deck
  • Boz being a good boy
    Boz being a good boy
  • Boz looking up at a squirrel
    Boz looking up at a squirrel
  • Boz on top of pride mountain
    Boz on top of pride mountain
  • Boz looking outside
    Boz looking outside
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