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Boomer 21

Hi, I'm Boomer! My foster parents tell me that I am smart and sweet, but I definitely keep them on their toes! I have been working hard on my manners and I know a bunch of commands, like "sit", "down", and "paw". I am working on "wait" and "leave it". I am very motivated by treats (who isn't?)! I am completely potty trained and run to the door if I need to go out.

I love to play with my foster doggy brother, who is bigger than me, as well as my neighborhood doggy friends! It's so exciting when we can run around together! Sometimes my foster mom and dad have to remind me that not everyone has quite as much energy as I do and we have to take a break! I would love a doggy brother or sister to play with! I am very curious about cats, but I haven't gotten the chance to play with any yet. I love all people, but I am still figuring out my puppy teeth, so older kids would be best for me. 

I like to run around and explore, but I settle nicely in my crate. I sleep in my crate at night and wait patiently for everyone to get up in the morning. I try to be an easygoing guy! Since there's still so much to learn, I would love to live with someone who knows how silly puppies can be so that they can help me grow up to be the best boy ever! Are you that person for me?

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   Four months old


   20 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Smart, sweet and sassy!

Interaction with dogs:



Interaction with cats:



Child requirements:

   No small children             

Fence requirements:


Not required. Likes to be outdoors, but does fine with walks on leash .

General activity level:


High puppy energy.

Work schedule best suited for:


Most schedules okay. He's a puppy so needs a break mid-day.

Leash manners:


Still working on it! 


Degree of training needed:  

Knows basic commands and he is housebroken.

  • Boomer pose 1
    Boomer pose 1
  • Boomer is a happy boy
    Boomer is a happy boy
  • Boomer soft eyes
    Boomer soft eyes
  • Boomer with the flowers
    Boomer with the flowers
  • Boomer pose 2
    Boomer pose 2
  • Boomer is really good in his crate
    Boomer is really good in his crate
  • Boomer waiting for a treat
    Boomer waiting for a treat
  • Boomer
  • Boomer 21
    Boomer 21
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