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Adopted Dogs 2004

Below are images of the dogs that were adopted in 2004. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a larger image.

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Abby Angel Apricot Beau Bonnie
Boozer Butter Bean Candy Cane Captain Charley
Chestnut Creek Dancer Delilah Dolce
Duncan Gardenia/Sunshine Genevieve/Jenny Gracie/Kirby Jamie
Jay Jessica/Jessie Jimbo/Boomer Jordan/Hailey Josh
Jude Katerina Keimon/Lucky Kendall Kiki
Ladydog Lewis Loralei Macaroni/Max Malaysia/Max
Marilla/Maddie Mark Doty Marshall Maverick & Thomas/Spencer Maya
Melbourne Melton Mike Mimi Mint Julip/Maggie
Miss Maggie May Mitchell/Chase Moon Mums/Missy Nathan/Jasper
Nebula/Lady Newberry Newman Noah Nobel/Lady
Oakley Obie Owl Paisley Polly
Porsche Prince Pulitzer Red Redford
Riptide River
Ross Rupert
Salty Sammy Samwise Scotch Scotland
Scott Serendipity/Sara Shadow Shoelace Snorkel
Sonny Splash/Muffin Spot/Mr. Hudson Sug Sugar Pie/Honey
Sunrise & Sunset Taz Tiger/Tigier Tigger Tiny Tim
Tonka & Tonya Tony Trevor Tripper Virginia/Ginger
Wave Wendy/Allie Wrigley/Jake Zach/Ziggy  
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