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Why is there a need for a golden retriever rescue?
Golden retrievers lose their homes for a variety of reasons every day. We pull them out of shelters or work with surrendering owners and give them the love and medical care that they need to become adoptable. We provide an option to goldens who are unfortunately involved in changing family situations and need to be surrendered. We are also there to take in strays when the owner cannot be found. Occasionally, we will rescue dogs from puppy mills or other breeders who can no longer keep them.

Is there a need for volunteers?
There is ALWAYS a need for new volunteers. The two most common needs are for fosters, who care for the dogs in their homes, and Infoline volunteers, who coordinate the dogs in our program and approve adoption applications. Click here to find out more.

When fostering a dog, is it difficult to adopt him out to another family?
This is a common concern from new fosters. While we do have many fosters who end up adopting a dog (or two), you'll always want to keep that extra spot open for a foster. Fostering and adopting out the dogs to other families is so rewarding that you won't want to give that up. As a foster, you will be able to have an even bigger family of goldens. You'll find that many adopters keep in touch, send stories and pictures, come back for reunions and even end up volunteering too!

How will my donation be used?
Our biggest expense is the medical care. Adoption fees barely cover the costs for a healty golden (exam, vaccinations, neutering, etc.). We rely on donations and fundraisers to pay for additional medical care. The most common additional expense is heartworm treatment, which can be hundreds of dollars per dog. Additional medical needs may be as small as ear medication, eye drops, antibiotics, seizure medication and thyroid medication or as large as visits to specialists, expensive diagnostic tests, surgery and rehabilitation. Click here to make a donation. 

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