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International Rescue

NRGRR recently rescued 8 golden retrievers from Turkey and we have 12 additional dogs from China and Turkey scheduled to arrive in the coming months. Your donation toward our international fund will help us rescue these and more beautiful golden retrievers from overseas. Click here to learn more about our international rescue efforts and make your donation today.

NRGRR Golden Guardian Program

Willie NelsonA fun way to support NRGRR is to become a Golden Guardian Sponsor. With a $100 donation you get to name a foster dog and we will keep you updated on their progress while they are in our program.

All of our rescue dogs have unique names as their identifiers, so you may have to get creative to ensure the name has not been used before. You are encouraged to use a special name to honor a loved one, or a funny or silly name to reflect the golden's personality.  

A new option this year is to have your sponsorship listed on our Golden Guardian web page. There we will include a photo of your foster dog and a short reason for their special name. Click here for more information and to purchase your sponsorship.

2021 NRGRR Calendar Contest

Puck and MaggieCongratulations to Puck and Maggie for winning the 2021 NRGRR Calendar Contest! You raised a record breaking $1467 for a single entry and helped us exceed our fundraising goal by over $3000! All together, the contest brought in $18,205 that will do directly to helping rescue and rehab golden retrievers and golden-hearted dogs in need. Click here to view the final standings.

We thank everyone who supported the 34 contestants in this year’s contest by donating to NRGRR. And special thanks to the 34 people/families who submitted photos and solicited votes from your friends and family. Now we hope you will support NRGRR by purchasing copies of the calendar, which should be ready by mid-October.

Medical Blog


Gracie Lou

In this month's medical blog post, our Medical Coordinator Katie McKay reveals a couple of issues that can commonly strike Goldens that cause blindness, Golden Retriever Uveitis and Progressive retinal atrophy. Learn about their hereditary traits, some common symptoms, and how veterinarians diagnose these diseases. There is also some great advice gathered from the NRGRR family on how to help navigate your dog into the world of blindness.

NRGRR Golf Gear 


Golden on the Green Golf Balls

Check out the NRGRR store for Golden on the Green and NRGRR logo items. We have towels, balls, hats, and vests. We also have select styles and sizes of golf shirts that remain in inventory from previous year's tournaments. They make great gifts for your golfer friends and dog lovers!


102 Dogs Adopted
through August 31, 2020

NRGRR is a 501(c)(3) organization in North Carolina that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of golden retrievers in need. The organization advocates responsible pet ownership, community education and protection of all dogs.

The Rescue Ranger is the our monthly newsletter with stories highlighting our dogs and ways you can support NRGRR.

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