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Meet and Greet our Dogs 

Meet and Greet

We hold Meet and Greets so you can come learn more about Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue and see some of our dogs available for adoption. Most adoptions do not occur at our Meet and Greets. If you are interested in adopting from us, you must first fill out an application and become an approved applicant. You will then be assigned an adoption adviser who will assist you through the adoption process. 

We will try to provide the names of the dogs attending by the Friday before the event. You can visit the Our Dogs page to see if one of our available dogs strikes your interest. 

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Meet and Greet Lineup:  TBD!

Last minute or unforeseeable circumstances may prevent a listed dog from attending, or they may not be in attendance for the entire time. If you are an approved applicant, please contact your application adviser if you have specific questions about a particular dog.

We are headed to the Meet and Greet

We're headed to the Meet and Greet!
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