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Taurus enjoying the beach

Taurus came to NRGRR after spending years as a stray on the streets searching for his own food and for someone to fall in love with him.  Fortunately, one day a woman spotted him, asked for his story, recognized his need and saved his life.  After getting him home and starting his recovery journey, she began looking for a rescue that would take in this broken but loving golden lab.  And Taurus joined the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue family.

Taurus' recovery has had many phases.  It began by getting him healthy enough to undergo heart worm treatment.  The sad fact of life for most strays is NC is that without monthly prevention, heart worms are inevitable.  Defeating heart worms is demanding on a dog's body (as well as being costly) and Taurus needed several weeks of good nutrition, rest and love to begin this battle.  He went through treatment like a champ!

During the months of treatment, NRGRR was working to find the balance of food, medication, and baths to get Taurus' skin healthy and his fur growing.  He and his foster learned a lot during this process!  Today his fur is so improved that people who haven't seem him for a few weeks don't even recognize him!  He no longer needs regular baths and with the cooler temperatures has reduced his dependence on daily medications.

Taurus is a lover.  His years of neglect have made him desperate for love and attention.  With proper introduction, he does great living with other dogs and has gotten along with the stream of other foster dogs that have moved through his current home.  But, he really just wants his people.  Truthfully, he really just wants one person.  While he befriends other family members, his heart belongs to the one who feeds him (and he's really happiest if that person is a woman).

He's made amazing strides learning to walk on leash but he's a big strong boy and needs someone that can manage that as they help him to continue improving his skills.  He has quickly learned to love being an indoor dog and thinks the sofa is a great spot - but with gentle reminding he'll move back to his bed.  He'll let you know when he's overwhelmed, but patience is the key to helping him remember he's in a safe place and you're charge.

So what would make a good home for Taurus? 

  • Someone who will give him time to learn he is in a safe environment - he doesn't want to be rushed into loving you.
  • Someone who will continue feeding him the diet that prevents itching and discomfort
  • Someone willing to monitor the medications needed to keep his fur growing
  • He'd love a playmate and a yard to play chase - he likes being the chaser
  • A crate to hang out in so he doesn't get into the pantry or clear the counters when you're away - he's spent a lifetime foraging and old habits die slowly!
  • A cat free home because they look delicious and his prey drive is strong
  • Someone full of love looking for a shadow

Taurus is an amazing dog.  He's been with his foster since April so she can share lots of stories and tips for helping him continue his journey.  He is a one-of-a-kind dog looking for that special home that recognizes his uniqueness.

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   6 years old


   72 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:

   Loves his humans and loves his food

Interaction with dogs:

   Good after initial meeting

Interaction with cats:

   No cats

Child requirements:

   Dog savvy – he’s a bull dozer of a dog

Fence requirements:


General activity level:


Work schedule best suited for:


Leash manners:


Degree of training needed:

   None – he knows general commands (sit, come, down)

  • Taurus watching the kitchen
    Taurus watching the kitchen
  • Taurus "stressed out"
    Taurus "stressed out"
  • Taurus enjoying the beach
    Taurus enjoying the beach
  • Taurus Before
    Taurus Before
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