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Available Dog - Rembrandt


I am looking for my forever home and I think yours might be perfect for me!

My name is Rembrandt and I think I will fit right in.  I have very good house manners.  I can eat right next to other dogs without bothering their food or really caring if they steal my food.

I walk politely on a leash when it’s attached to a harness, otherwise I might give you a little tug as we walk.  I  won’t bother you when you’re eating, even if it’s right in front of me, but I will sit for a treat if you offer it.

I will play with my toys, but leave yours alone.  I love to lay outside on the deck and to be walked. I will sit patiently to be combed and bathed. I am in touch with my hunting ancestors so I love to chase squirrels, birds and even cats if they are in my line of sight.

I am friendly to your children, grammas and visitors, although my mighty bark will alert you when needed.  Don’t worry, I only bark when I think you need to be alerted.  I am pretty relaxed and spend a lot of my day laying around, storing up energy so I am ready to walk or run when you are. My foster parents ride bikes with me running right along. I don’t pull and I keep up, even on the hills.

I don’t mind other dogs, and can walk right past them in the neighborhood without much interest. I live with a young pup who wants to play, jumping around me, bowing and running, I am not very interested but I will humor her and play sometimes. 

Although I can be trusted to be left out all day or night, I don’t mind the crate. In fact, at my foster’s house, I spend the nights in the crate. I will go in without a bribe, but I have fooled them into thinking they need to throw a treat in there for me.

If I sound like the perfect guy to you, I would love to meet you and make your home my forever one.

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   Eight years


  60 pounds

Health status:


Relaxed and easygoing.

Major personality traits:

  Easy going, well behaved, pretty relaxed but loves to go for walks and runs.

Interaction with dogs:


Good, not especially interested but is very tolerant of his 2 year old foster sister.    


Interaction with cats:

  Unknown, but chases small animals.

Child requirements:


Very good - he is really sweet with children.

Fence requirements:

  Not required.

General activity level:


Pretty low around the house but he likes to be walked. He certainly can keep up if his new owner is looking for a running partner, but around the house he is pretty relaxed.


Work schedule best suited for:


Very flexible. He stays home in or out of the crate with no problem all day.

Leash manners:

  Good with a harness, he pulls a bit with the leash on his collar.

Degree of training needed:


Only what his new owners wants him to learn because he has all his home manners.  He is very smart and wants to please.

  • Rembrandt Outside
    Rembrandt Outside
  • Rembrandt on a walk
    Rembrandt on a walk
  • Handsome boy
    Handsome boy
  • Rembrandt
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