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Available Dogs - Pumpkin


My name is Pumpkin (yep!  I’m a Halloween treat for sure).  And I’ve got a beautiful rust colored coat.  I’m a perfect size for anything you want to do.  Big enough to run, hike and play rowdy.  Small enough to curl up and hang out next to you when it’s time to relax.

I LOVE to play and I’m slightly obsessed with my foster brother.  We can romp all over the backyard playing chase and seeing who can mark the most trees and bushes.  I mean, is that the greatest game or what!  He’s an older guy and I think sometimes he’s trying to tell me to back off, but I don’t pay attention to that.  Even when he tells me loudly.  I never get upset.  I just keep playing!

My foster Mom says I’m one of those super easy dogs that will do well in almost any home (except we’re unsure about cats – I haven’t met any, so maybe I’d like them).  I’m still a young boy and sometimes I forget that nipping for attention is not popular with the humans.  But just a quick reminder and I stop.  So, if you have kids, you’d need to teach them to help me with this habit.  My foster says I’m making quick progress on learning how to behave indoors.  (note from foster – this means he’s alllmmmmooooost house broken.  He’ll probably be there by the time you get him home!). 

I can’t remember my journey to NRGRR because my happy disposition likes to forget the bad things.  But it appears at some point, there were some not so nice people in my life.  I back away at first if I’m not sure about you.  But it doesn’t last long.  I just can’t stay away from some potential lovin’!  I’m even cuter than my pictures – my beautiful fluffy tail is always in motion so it’s hard to capture how amazing it is in a photograph.

If you are ready to roll with a fun, energetic boy, I am ready to become the best dog you’ve ever had!!

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   1 year


   35 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:


Friendly, Happy, Snuggly

Interaction with dogs:

  Does well with proper introduction.

Interaction with cats:

   Seems highly interested and vocal with cats.

Child requirements:


None (but he’s still got his puppy nips happening)

Fence requirements:


General activity level:

   Active, but settles

Work schedule best suited for:


Leash manners:


Degree of training needed:

   He needs his house manners.  I would start him back at puppy training.  But he’s a smart boy and wants to please.

  • Pumpkin Face
    Pumpkin Face
  • Pumpkin Thinking about the Camera
    Pumpkin Thinking about the Camera
  • Pumpkin sees a squirrel
    Pumpkin sees a squirrel
  • Pumpkin Ready for a Treat
    Pumpkin Ready for a Treat
  • Pumpkin on the porch
    Pumpkin on the porch
  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin being adorable
    Pumpkin being adorable
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