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Available Dog - Pluto

Pluto portrait

My foster mom says I am a wonderful, loving dog!  She would call me “Shadow” because I like to follow her around the house. I have been told that I am the softest, fluffiest guy in town.  I have been told that I am a senior citizen, but I have no idea what that means!

I love to play with other dogs!  Young or old I am so happy in their company.  My foster family is great, but a good run around the yard with a buddy is the best.

My manners are impeccable – no begging during meal times, no counter surfing, and no crying!  I am just so happy to have my foster family around – especially during nap times.  And for the odd treat or two.

My mom has given me lots of toys, but I think belly rubs, grooming and hugs are all I need.  That and the backyard.  We go outside and there are some wonderful things to discover out there.  I would just love to be a member of a loving family.

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  Ten years


  50 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:


Pluto is a love “bug” and wants to spend all of his time near you.  He sleeps at our feet in the evenings, sometimes asking to come up on the sofa.  He loves being brushed and will come up, turn his back to you and sit waiting for the brush.  Belly rubs are also much appreciated!

Interaction with dogs:

  Very good. He loves to play with other dogs once he gets to know them.  He would be a great companion to another dog.

Interaction with cats:

  Not really tested.  He does not seem interested in the resident cat.

Child requirements:

  Young children not “tested”, but older children definitely.

Fence requirements:


Necessary.  He does look for every opportunity to “escape” and investigate the neighborhood.

General activity level:

  Low activity.  He will come out to the backyard and sit while I garden, enjoys just hanging around with us on the patio.  He sleeps all night – sometimes until 8 AM!   He does love to romp with other dogs and does not let his age get in the way of good doggie fun.

Work schedule best suited for:

  He can be left alone in the house for extended hours, but someone who is home all day or works from home would be ideal.

Leash manners:


He is excited to go for walks and tends to pull initially.  But after a few minutes, he settles down and wants to check all of the “smell” mail out there.

Degree of training needed:


  • Pluto
  • Pluto Belly rub anyone
    Pluto Belly rub anyone
  • Pluto enjoying the back yard
    Pluto enjoying the back yard
  • Pluto barbeque anyone
    Pluto barbeque anyone
  • Pluto I know there is something under the bush
    Pluto I know there is something under the bush
  • Pluto told you something was under the bush
    Pluto told you something was under the bush
  • Pluto portrait
    Pluto portrait
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