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Available Dog - Minnie


I am an extremely sweet, social, and smart girl with a cute tail that looks like it was dipped in ink! I wonder what it will look like when I’m fully grown? I want nothing more than to please my people and while I’m still learning what’s okay and what’s not, when they tell me “no” I understand to stop.  I’m not 100% there with housebreaking yet, but my fosters say I’m doing very, very well - almost there - which is okay because I’m a puppy!!

I love my older foster brother. He puts up with my play kissing and nipping and we have fun chasing each other, stealing bones and toys from each other, or just sharing and chewing on them together when we’re tired.

I also love socks, flip flops, and tennis shoes. I’m sure no one notices me hiding them under the kitchen table, behind the sofa, and in my crate but somehow, the things I take always get put back where I originally found them.

I have learned to come, sit, lay down, and stay (especially when there’s a treat involved).  I love to play outside with tennis balls and I especially love to launch myself into the tall grass and pretend I’m a lion.

When I’m tired, I like to hang out in my crate - I spend the nights there (with no accidents, thank you very much) and I also hang out there during the day when I need a break.

I love my fosters, but I can’t wait to go to a forever home. Maybe I can be your puppy - I hope I can!

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   Four and half months


  16 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:


Minnie likes to steal socks, flip flops, and chess pieces. In other words, a typical puppy. She’s very high energy right now, and loves to play with her foster brother. She does not jump up on furniture, she goes to her cage easily for downtime. She enjoys playing with tennis balls and loves pouncing into and rolling around in the grass.


Interaction with dogs:

  Great. - she’s all puppy and loves to play, but does need to be removed so the other dogs can have some downtime.

Interaction with cats:


Child requirements:

  Great with kids - a great puppy to grow with your family.

Fence requirements:


So far, Minnie does not wander and stays close to her people. She’s small, so she can’t get too far too fast. She comes when called (especially if you offer a treat).

General activity level:

  High. She’s a puppy after all.

Work schedule best suited for:


Puppy schedule. Would be great to have someone home with her at least part of the day.

Leash manners:

  Still learning.

Degree of training needed:


Minnie is learning sit, down, come, and stay. She’s picking them up very quickly.

  • Minnie
  • Minnie standing
    Minnie standing
  • Minnie sees something in the grass
    Minnie sees something in the grass
  • Minnie Something is really good to chew
    Minnie Something is really good to chew
  • Minnie wants to be on the couch too
    Minnie wants to be on the couch too
  • Minnie in the grass
    Minnie in the grass
  • Minnie is hiding
    Minnie is hiding
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