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Available Dogs - Luna


Hi there, my name is Luna and all I want for Christmas is YOU! I love being loved and getting attention. And if you have another furry family member, I'm ok with that too as I don’t mind sharing the love. I want to be where ever you are!!

Here's a couple of other things about me;

I’m not a fan of the crate as it keeps me away from you. This makes me so UNHAPPY!!  But if you let me out, I will be calm and content.

I have a nose for great smelling food that is left out.  So as a warning its best that you clean everything off the counter, so I won't be tempted

I don’t like to be alone so don't be gone too long. Could you have someone with me or a furry friend to keep me company? In my foster home I live with 3 other dogs.

I don’t care for toys, or perhaps I just don't know what to do with them but I’d rather focus my attention on you.

I have a beautiful white coat and I'm in pretty good health.   I feel great but did have some lumps checked out.  It's hard to explain but you can read about my three different lumps including the mast cell tumor here.

I hope you like long walks!! I can walk on the leash with ease.  I like the carefree walks where you can smell every rose petal on the ground. 

So, if you are looking for a best friend for life then I'm the best friend for you!

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   Six years old.


   60 pounds

Health status:

   Good. She had surgery to remove 3 tumors.  You can read about her three different lumps including the mast cell tumor here.

Major personality traits:


Easy going, mellow, calm, wants to be your new best friend.

Interaction with dogs:

  Shy around new dogs, needs slow introduction. Loves their company after she gets to know them.

Interaction with cats:


Child requirements:


Older children preferred.

Fence requirements:


General activity level:

   Medium to low, spurts of puppy energy at times depending on who's around.

Work schedule best suited for:

   Someone who is home often as she does not like to be alone.

Leash manners:

   Very good, likes to smell the world!

Degree of training needed:

   Needs  all basic training.

  • Luna smiles
    Luna smiles
  • Luna
  • Luna Loves Her Person
    Luna Loves Her Person
  • Welcome Luna
    Welcome Luna
  • Luna on the Porch
    Luna on the Porch
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  • Luna Ready for A Walk
    Luna Ready for A Walk
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