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Available Dog - Lucas


Lucas is a sweet, friendly, and happy young dog just looking for someone to hang out with.  He is a compact powerhouse of a dog who likes to be with people and will follow you around hoping for a head rub.  He’s a young, energetic boy who likes to run fast in a fenced space, especially chasing his foster brother. 

He’s very well-behaved in the house and is normally calm and will just settle down next to you but he likes to have a bunch of toys in rotation to keep him entertained if you aren’t petting him. 

He is still puppy-like in that he can be nippy and will pick up shoes but he will stop when given guidance on acceptable behavior and will gladly chew on a toy instead.  He tolerates being crated but because he is well-behaved, he has been left alone uncrated in a family room. 

Lucas behaves well around other dogs in public spaces and could do well living with another dog with proper oversight and training during playful interactions.  He gets very excited when running outside with his foster brother and will play nip while chasing which may not be tolerated by some dogs.

Lucas is such a lovable and good dog looking for someone to share their time with him.  With a little effort to provide guidance, Lucas will be the best boy for you!

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  Two years


  60 pounds - recently neutered

Health status:



Major personality traits:

  Friendly, sweet, good-natured, playful, energetic, and eager to please.   

Interaction with dogs:

  Compatible yet he is still learning appropriate playing since he can get too excited and gets too forceful and nippy.

Interaction with cats:

  No cats

Child requirements:

  No small children.

Fence requirements:

  Solid fence recommended at least four feet - he can climb out of a wire-type fence.

General activity level:


High but will settle in the house.

Work schedule best suited for:


Any provided he is exercised morning and evening if gone during the day.

Leash manners:

  Needs a strong handler - He can walk nicely but will pull at times.

Degree of training needed:


Would recommend obedience training to socialize and reinforce basic commands.  He is responsive to training and is smart!

  • Lucas showing off his beautiful coat
    Lucas showing off his beautiful coat
  • Lucas having a ball
    Lucas having a ball
  • Lucas looking for squirrels
    Lucas looking for squirrels
  • Lucas paying attention
    Lucas paying attention
  • Lucas takes a break
    Lucas takes a break
  • Lucas working on the treat ball
    Lucas working on the treat ball
  • Lucas
  • Lucas giving kisses
    Lucas giving kisses
  • Lucas looking really alert
    Lucas looking really alert
  • Lucas wants a treat
    Lucas wants a treat
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