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Available Dogs -Lex Luthor

Lex Luther

Lex Luthor is a gorgeous, large (and growing), energetic and strong young dog who needs someone who is willing to patiently help him learn that the world is not so scary.  Lex was owner-surrendered and comes to us with some mild “stranger danger” fears and is nervous when uncertain about a new situation.  However, once he trusts you and when he becomes familiar and is comfortable in an environment, he is an exceptionally well-behaved dog!  Having an extra large crate is a must - the crate is his safe place so when startled, we don’t even have to say “go home” - he automatically goes into his crate!

Lex is a quick learner who is sweet, gentle, responsive and wants to please (e.g., trainable!).  He loves belly rubs.  He’s both playful and a big, goofy, cuddly couch potato who will plop on top of you at the end of the day!  He’s still a puppy so he’s a little mouthy and hasn’t learned his manners about not jumping but these behaviors are manageable and he is easily distracted by just giving him a tennis ball instead of your arm!  He’s a big dog with a lot of energy so a large fenced in yard would be ideal!

Lex might do well with another dog if slowly and properly introduced.  Given his size, strength and fears, he needs a home without small children.  He’s a retriever, so playfully he chases our cat and pounces on her - unless your cat likes that kind of thing, best to go to a home without cats!

We're looking for an adopter who is able and eager to develop trust by spending quality time with this fun loving big sweetheart of a dog and provide the leadership and the training he needs to help him not be a fearful dog.

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   One year approximately


   82 pounds and growing

Health status:

   Excellent - neutered on January 21, 2019

Major personality traits:

   Sweet, gentle, smart & responsive BUT fearful with new situations.

Interaction with dogs:

   With slow, positive dog introductions, Lex was playful with other dogs.

Interaction with cats:

   No cats

Child requirements:

   No small children

Fence requirements:

   Not required but would be preferred.

General activity level:

   High in spurts but also settles for long stretches of time.

Work schedule best suited for:

   While he is used to being crated and is well-behaved when left alone, he would benefit from more interaction throughout the day.  

Leash manners:


Degree of training needed:


Consistent training is needed to work on manners and to build trust and defuse fear.

  • Lex Luther Happy in his Crate
    Lex Luther Happy in his Crate
  • Lex Luther Couch Potato
    Lex Luther Couch Potato
  • Lex Luther and his ball
    Lex Luther and his ball
  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther
  • Lex Luther taking a nap
    Lex Luther taking a nap
  • Lex Luther lounging in the garden
    Lex Luther lounging in the garden
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