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Available Dog - Jethro


Hi my name is Jethro and I’m a senior dog (whatever that means).  I think it means I’m old but I don’t feel old.  I like to run around in the yard and go for walks.  I love attention, being petted and getting treats, lots and lots of treats.  I will do most anything for a treat and I take them very gently.   I walk well on the leash and love to take my time on a walk and smell everything.   Oh, did I mention that I love treats?  Getting treats is one of my favorite things.

I have very good house manners and don’t bother anything and I’m housebroken so I don’t make messes in the house.  I can be left for several hours and when you return everything will be just as you left it.  I also like riding in the car and looking out the window.  Sometimes I’ll poke my head between the front seats for some head rubs and ear scratches.

I like playing with soft animal toys.  Well I don’t really play with them, I just carry them around in my mouth looking for a place to hide them.  It could be in a corner somewhere or in a trash can and sometimes I hide one in my foster Mom’s shower and later go back and get it to hide it somewhere else.  I have been known to take one out to the dog run and hide it in a hole and then bring it in the next time I go outside.

When I’m in the house I’m usually close to my foster Mom unless I’m sleeping in the big tiled shower in her bedroom.  That’s one of my favorite places to sleep because the tile is nice and cool.  I’m always right by my foster Mom’s side when it’s meal time.  I like to think I’m helping her get all my foster sibling’s meals ready. 

Believe it or not, when I came to NRGRR I was a skinny mess and also had heartworms.  They also had to shave me because my coat was so matted.  They couldn’t treat the heartworms until I put on some weight.  I’m happy to say that I gained weight, had the HW treatment, my coat is growing back and is thick and wavy, and I am now a beautiful healthy and happy boy.

Don’t you want a big lovable senior boy to share your home and treats with?

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   Twelve years old


  70 pounds

Health status:

  Very good

Major personality traits:


Sweet friendly senior, loves attention.

Interaction with dogs:

  Gets along well with other dogs.

Interaction with cats:

  No cats.

Child requirements:

  Would be OK with older kids mainly due to his size.

Fence requirements:


Fenced yard not required but would be nice because he loves to walk  around and sniff things.

General activity level:


Work schedule best suited for:

  He can be left alone in the house for extended hours, but someone who can be home part of the day or works from home some would be ideal. 

Leash manners:

  Walks well on leash, may pull occasionally.

Degree of training needed:



  • Jethro outside
    Jethro outside
  • Jethro with a toy
    Jethro with a toy
  • Jethro takes a shower nap
    Jethro takes a shower nap
  • Jethro has a haircut
    Jethro has a haircut
  • Jethro. smiling
    Jethro. smiling
  • Jethro
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