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Fannie sitting on deck

Fannie is a scared, beautiful girl who found herself living around the house of a woman in the country who took in stray dogs. We've treated her heartworms, she's spayed and vaccinated and perfectly healthy now.

Fannie has learned so many new things in foster care - how to walk on a leash, ride in a car, how to live in a house (she's house and crate trained), to come (usually for food or as part of a routine (needs work on coming when called, it's still hard for her), how to get a bath or have her ears cleaned and nails clipped (not her favorite things but she puts up with it). Even when she's scared, Fannie never complains or objects . . . she's a sweet girl and does her best.

One trick in working with fearful dogs is to teach "touch" or hand targeting, and Fannie is a hand-targeting champion for treats! Fannie is good with other dogs, even her grouchy foster dog sister, and needs another dog in her forever home to help her feel comfortable in the strange human world. Fannie is happy outside in the yard, so a securely fenced yard would make her happy. She likes a good chew on an antler, hanging out in nature and running with her foster dog brother and sister.

Fannie is an easy dog in many ways - she doesn't ask for much and hopes that much won't be asked of her. She likes to hang out on the couch or in her "safe spot" in the corner of the family room. Fannie is subtle about showing affection - resting her head on you or giving little kisses. Fannie is a fearful dog and may always be skittish. She's looking for a secure home with lots of patience who can see past the scared to the sweet dog who just wants a quiet and calm life.

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   5 or 6 years


   52 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:

   Fearful, Food Loving, Quiet

Interaction with dogs:

   Does well with other dogs

Interaction with cats:


Child requirements:

   No children in home preferred

Fence requirements:

   Secure physical fence only

General activity level:

   Medium, fine with some playing in the yard or walking a mile or so.

Work schedule best suited for:


Leash manners:

   Excellent, walks at your side, knows auto sit when you stop, can startle easily

Degree of training needed:

   Continued positive reinforcement work to bond and socialize

  • Fannie and friend
    Fannie and friend
  • Fannie sits pretty and black eyed susans
    Fannie sits pretty and black eyed susans
  • Fannie's dog friends trying to help with photo shoot
    Fannie's dog friends trying to help with photo shoot
  • Fannie sees something
    Fannie sees something
  • Fannie (middle) and friends share the couch
    Fannie (middle) and friends share the couch
  • Fannie sitting on deck
    Fannie sitting on deck
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