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Available Dog - Bubba

Bubba smiling

Bubba is a sweet dog who loves his people very much! He smiles and laughs all the time when he's playing or just hanging out. Bubba is very smart and is greatly treat-motivated for training.  He is house trained, crate trained, sleeps and eats quietly in his crate. Bubba walks very nicely on leash and I can show you how to walk him calmly and confidently past other dogs/people out in public. He loves to go places in the car and do things just so long as he doesn't have to meet any strangers. 

Bubba has "stranger danger" fears, and can growl in response to strangers out in the world or coming into the house. So to fully enjoy the great dog that Bubba is - we're looking for an adopter who can and will continue his training, earn his trust and respect and manage interactions with strangers. Once Bubba learns that someone is his friend, he remembers! He can ignore strangers on a walk or on a restaurant patio if he trusts that you won't let them "get him". Bubba needs an adopter willing to take some extra steps - like putting him in the crate when new people come over, doing structured introductions to help him be comfortable or helping him "walk on" when out in public. 

Bubba (Bubs to his friends!) is a real character around the house! He loves to play with the girl dogs and can make friends with male dogs if given proper  introductions. Bubs is a good player. He ignores my cats and does well when they rub on him.

Bubba needs someone who loves him and will make him feel safe and loved. Then he can relax and not have to worry about protecting himself. You will have his back. It's not hard and he is SO worth it! Bubs the fearful jokester needs a stable home with a good heart and dog handling skills. If that sounds like you then put your application in for Bubba! 

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  Four to five years


  45 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:


Happy, active, loving, needs someone to make the world safe for him.

Interaction with dogs:


Great with female dogs, needs introduction to male dogs.

Interaction with cats:



Child requirements:


Children 10 years and older

Fence requirements:


Not required but would be appreciated.

General activity level:


Medium to high - Needs daily activity to settle.

Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:



Degree of training needed:


Training will be available for the human to maintain good manners and help Bubba build trust.

  • Bubba smiling
    Bubba smiling
  • Bubba learning at home improvement store
    Bubba learning at home improvement store
  • Bubba likes walks with friends
    Bubba likes walks with friends
  • Bubba thinking deep thoughts
    Bubba thinking deep thoughts
  • Bubba's smile
    Bubba's smile
  • Bubba is a hot dog
    Bubba is a hot dog
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