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Bronson 2

Bronson is a sweet, energetic, curious, and people-loving boy. He likes to stay busy whether it be sniffing everything on a walk, inside chewing on his bone, looking out the window, or playing fetch with himself and his ball. He loves his people and wants to be near them at all times – in the kitchen, under the desk, and even in the bathroom. Sometimes he tries to be a lap dog and is lovingly referred to as “the Velcro dog”. Bronson quickly became a shadow of his foster parents. He is curious about everything including what you’re doing, eating, or what’s in the package you got in the mail. Bronson likes meeting and playing with other dogs and would love to have a four-legged sibling to play with and keep him company. He would also be happy as a solo pup who gets all of his parents’ attention. Everyone who meets or sees him thinks that he is the sweetest dog (which he is).

Bronson has learned to sit and is working on his other basic commands. He knows not to jump on his people or on furniture but sometimes his energy gets the best of him and he forgets the rules! For the most part he is a very good boy who just wants to be loved. Bronson crates well when bribed by treats. Ideally, he would love to have free roam of your house once he has earned your trust. Bronson is a strong boy and pulls on his leash when he wants to sniff but is making improvements with consistent training and commands. Lucky for all, Bronson is highly food motivated. He is fully house trained.

Bronson would do best with an active family that is disciplined in showing him the rules of being a good dog. His ideal family will give him lots of attention, cuddles, and love which he will give right back.

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   Two years


   60 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Sweet, energetic, happy, loving, gentle, trusting, intelligent, curious, and goofy.

Interaction with dogs:


Loves other dogs.         

Interaction with cats:

   Not tested.

Child requirements:


Older children only – unaware of his size but patient.

Fence requirements:


Not required but ideal.

General activity level:

   Medium to high, requires daily activity.

Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:

   Pulls and is strong when on a mission but improving.

Degree of training needed:


Working on basic commands.

  • Bronson looking for squirrels
    Bronson looking for squirrels
  • Bronson impatiently waiting for attention
    Bronson impatiently waiting for attention
  • Bronson
  • Bronson posing
    Bronson posing
  • Bronson looking happy
    Bronson looking happy
  • Bronson in the dog park
    Bronson in the dog park
  • Bronson looking handsome
    Bronson looking handsome
  • Bronson 2
    Bronson 2
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