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Beetlejuice came to me a few days ago. He is a sweet, energetic and beautiful young fella. He loves to be with people and shows it by licking hands and snuggling up. I know he would love to move into a household with another dog because he enjoys playing with dogs. I am sure children old enough to enjoy his high energy would be okay, too. He is house broken, crate trained and walks nicely on a leash.   

When he has the opportunity to be off leash outside he is full of youthful energy.  He does not play fetch but loves to run, run, run. He would probably be a good jogging partner. He needs training in basic commands such as come, sit, and stay.

Beetlejuice has a lifelong hereditary disorder called ichthyosis. It is definitely manageable! It is not contagious and we have it just about under control. By continuing his regimen of healthy diet and skin care we hope that it will continue to improve and stay under control. To read more about Beetlejuice’s condition click here.

After reading about canine ichthyosis, and if you are an approved applicant and are interested in Beetlejuice, contact your NRGRR application advisor.

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   1 1/2 years


   60 pounds

Health status:

   Generally good except he has a manageable hereditary skin disorder. Learn more about Canine Ichthyosis.

Major personality traits:

   Sweet, playful youthful energy.

Interaction with dogs:


Great! Loves to play with other dogs.

Interaction with cats:

   Not tested.

Child requirements:

   Not tested.

Fence requirements:

   Fenced in yard required, at least six feet.

General activity level:


Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:

   Very good, walks well on a loose leash.

Degree of training needed:

   Basic obedience needed

  • Beetlejuice so calm
    Beetlejuice so calm
  • Beetlejuice Hanging out
    Beetlejuice Hanging out
  • Beetlejuice on a BIG bed
    Beetlejuice on a BIG bed
  • Beetlejuice On a Walk
    Beetlejuice On a Walk
  • Beetlejuice likes his bed
    Beetlejuice likes his bed
  • Beetlejuice
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