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by User Not Found | Oct 17, 2014

I’ve always admired those people that can just throw on their stretchy pants, ear buds and tennis shoes and run like the wind blows.  Not me, I hate running.  I’ll gladly cheer from my car for you, but unless someone’s chasing me, I prefer to walk, bike, rollerblade or paddle, anything but run.  Exercise is the point of all this, right?  You don’t have to train for a marathon.  If you are like me, you like to set your goals on something more realistic.  It can be done and certainly anything is better than nothing.  For pet owners, there’s nothing like those pleading brown eyes and furry face to convince you to get your butt out and do something.  A 5K, for example, is a fun and reasonable goal even for people who would not categorize themselves as “athletes”.  With that said, my dogs and I have committed to participating in the Dog Day 5K this Sunday. 

This event is special to me, not only because it is being hosted by my favorite golden retriever rescue, but because it has a bigger picture, a bigger goal.  We love goldens, there is no doubt about that, but we also believe that there are a lot more dogs out there that need our help.  There are a lot of people out there trying to advocate for and help homeless animals and it’s time we help one another.  With the parntnership of Blue Buffalo we are raising money to help the shelters in eastern North Carolina.  Many of these shelters lack the funding for basic needs for the dogs that are kept there.  They are bursting at the seams with unwanted or abandoned pets that deserve to be in loving forever homes and by no fault of their own have ended up behind bars.  To put things in perspective, this summer we gathered hundreds of pounds of donated food from our volunteers, adopters and fellow rescuers and drove it to the coast.  The shelter we gave it to had run out of money to buy food and the dogs there were starving.  Seriously.  Thanks to the support of our community, we have been able to start an outreach movement to impact the lives of these dogs and with your help, we can do more.  Just a few weeks ago, we were able to purchase two cases of heartworm tests and donate them to a local shelter.  When our volunteer arrived with the tests, this is what she wrote:

                Oh my goodness! Have you seen the Publishers Clearinghouse commercial that shows the people running out of the house and screaming when they see the PCH check? It was like that. I can't tell you how good it felt to present those two boxes to the shelter supervisor. He grabbed the boxes and held them to his chest just like a little boy grabbing that fire truck from under the Christmas tree. Everyone just kept saying, "You all just have no idea, you just have no idea what this can do". He stood there clutching the boxes the whole time we talked. 

It still brings tears to my eyes.

Living in the southeastern part of the U.S. we know full well the impact of heartworm disease.  Regulations and rules are starting to pop up about the movement of dogs and the potential problems for spreading this awful disease to all parts of the country and it becomes more and more difficult for shelters and rescues to find homes for dogs, especially those that are heartworm positive.  Not only is it dangerous for heartworm positive dogs to travel, all it takes is one dog to serve as a reservoir to infect the entire population. For this reason, by knowing the dog is heartworm negative, we have many more opportunities to move dogs out of shelters, more rescues are available, more transports are available and this greatly increases the chance of a dog, rather than being euthanized, finding his/her forever home.  Moving a dog out of a shelter that is full, opens up a spot for another dog, which means at least two lives are saved.

So what are you waiting for?  If you haven’t registered, then get your butt out of bed on Sunday morning and register the day of the race. Your dog and many others will thank you. You’ll be SAVING LIVES and getting EXERCISE! WIN! WIN!  We can’t do this alone and it’s about time we all start helping each other do what’s right for these animals.

Special shout outs to Camp Bow Wow, CareFirst Animal Hospital, AutoBody 911, TriLife, Johnson Subaru of Cary, and QualityBilt Fence Co of Garner for their incredible support.  Many, many thanks to the village of people working to put this together, I am in awe of the incredible impact this event will make on dogs and humans in North Carolina.

See you Sunday!!!

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