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"I could never do what you do"

by User Not Found | Oct 08, 2013

I have a unique “job” in the rescue.  I keep tabs on all the weird medical issues going on with our dogs and work with our vets and more importantly, our fosters, to make sure our pups get the medical care they need to get healthy.  It’s a great position because I am a huge science nerd.  I love blood work, read about exciting new advances in medicine every day and have a veterinary/zoo/aquarium background (I worked with several while putting myself thru school and trying to figure out what the heck I want to do when I grow up).  I never had any idea that my random talents could be utilized to help save the lives of dogs every day.  It suits me perfectly and I love it and most importantly I can help dogs in need of rescue.

“I could never do what you do.”  I hear this statement a lot.  I hate hearing this, especially because it usually comes from an animal lover.  I know that this person has good intentions, which is why I am usually quietly listening why they go on and tell me that they need to buy a farm in order to have all the dogs they want.  “I would keep them all” or about how their spouse would divorce them if they brought home another dog.  This is not a get out of jail free card.  If you can’t foster or write a check (both of which we would appreciate greatly), then find something you can do….find something that uniquely fits you. I did.

Listening to this over and over again, I decided to hunt down some ideas about how you can help and I think I’ve come up with a pretty good list. 

  1.  Shop.  Everyone shops, whether you love it or not, you usually have to at least go to the grocery store for food.  Pick up an extra bag of dog food or cat litter and take it to your local shelter.  With most shelters running at full capacity, they can use it.  Many rescues work thru foster homes.  Several of which may have multiple foster animals.  We can always use help feeding our fosters.
  2. Drive.  Rescues are always in need of help with transport.  We need to get dogs from shelters, take them to vet appointments and even transport dogs to other rescues.  Casey came all the way from New York State to NRGRR and guess who helped with that, amazing volunteers who offered to drive a leg of the trip. 
  3. Crafting or Sewing or other handy-work.  Put your talents to work!  Create things to sell and raise money for a donation to a local rescue or shelter.  You can sew jackets or coats, beds, boots, bandannas, leashes or collars just to donate.  If you are handy with power tools, raised beds, carts with wheels, ramps, or stands for food and water bowls are all things that foster homes and shelters can use.  Rescues often have senior dogs or dogs that have had surgery that have unique requirements.  Why not call and ask them what’s on their wish list?
  4. Scrapbooks, movies and pictures.  The best way to get an animal adopted is to let people know who they are and that they are looking for a wonderful forever home.  Perhaps your talents lie within artsy-type things.  I am not the least bit artistically inclined, the best I can do is stick figures, but those that are can create posters, movies or even put together a slide-show of pictures to help share animals in need and their stories.  Are you a teacher?  Get your classroom involved in a fun project to help place a homeless animal.
  5. Clean out your house.  Oh I know, you’ve been meaning to do that….haven’t we all?  What do you have hiding in the attic or the garage that you aren’t using anymore?  Pack n’ plays, bowls, baby gates, fencing, or rugs that you are itching to get rid of so you can redecorate?  Chances are, we can make use of these items!
  6. Having a party? Back in the 70s it was Tupperware, but these days its pampered chef or thirty-something parties.  See if you can donate a portion of your sales to a local rescue or shelter.  Or have a bake sale and donate the profits.
  7. Are you handy with a computer?  With the wonderful technology we have today, communication among rescue groups is highly driven by email and most shelters and rescues use databases to track and store information on their dogs and people!  Offer your talents to help them organize or improve their systems.
  8. Walk.  Are you working from home or looking for something to do in the summer?  Foster homes and shelters love to get their dogs out and about, not just for exercise, but for socialization and to help them find forever homes.  It’s a win win, you get exercise too!
  9. Foster. Rescues need foster homes to save dogs.  Not only are you saving that dog’s life, but you are saving another’s life as well because you have opened up a spot in the shelter.  It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
  10. Social Media!  It’s an epic storm, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  If you don’t want to help run it for a rescue or shelter, at least share, share, share the information on your own account.  There’s really no excuse not to, it takes two seconds and one click of the mouse.

We all have things that we are good at and things that we like to do.  Just because you can’t “do what I do” doesn’t mean you can’t help the animals that you love and who need you.  So what are you waiting for?!

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