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Happy National Pet Week!

by User Not Found | May 06, 2013

I think practically every week of the year celebrates something these days, but I went digging to find out exactly what we are supposed to be celebrating.  Did you know ‘The Terminator’, as governor of California, declared January “Dried Plum Digestive Month”….I’ll leave it up to your imaginations as to what that’s all about, but I guess we are supposed to celebrate going to the bathroom or something.  I digress.

This week is National Pet Week, created and sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) starting in 2008.  This year’s theme is “Love your Pet, See your Vet” to promote awareness of responsible pet ownership.   As dog owners and rescuers, it is our responsibility to help educate those who have questions.  Let’s face it, Golden Retrievers bring people together and as soon as someone meets our dog and/or has owned one before they are addicted, after all, Goldens are the best!  Caution to others reading this, I may be slightly biased.   Think about it, even bringing home a fish requires research and that usually involves a crash course after your kid wins it at the fair by accident.  Did you know that parrots can live 50-70 years?  Might want to know that before you bring one home!  So let’s celebrate by doing what our goldens think we do every day, worship them.

Wellness—the general healthy balance of mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being and freedom from disease.  Sitting on the couch eating Cheetos, not wellness…Starting your day with a healthy breakfast and a walk around the block…Wellness.  Why not share that with our best friends?  And the more we learn about it, the more we can share with others and the more we share, the more our pets live happy healthy lives and the more we live those healthy lives too.

Preventative—Keep your buddy free of disease and illness with Heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention.  These parasites aren’t just a menace to your pet, but also to you and your family.  They can cause disease in pets and in humans so don’t wait to see Fido itching to remember once a month, every month.

Exercise—I know, I know, you’re sick of the lecture.  Lucky for you, I"m not tired of saying it =)  I’m giving you a fashion tip for your daily exercise, wear black, it will be like a funeral for your fat.  Admit it, getting out and doing something makes you feel better.  No one likes to go alone, so why not take that cute little four-legged pup who stuck his nose in your face this morning to wake you up?  I don’t know too many goldens who would say no to you picking up a leash and heading toward the door.  If you need some motivation, exercise in the morning before your body figures out what you’re up to.

Nutrition—Eat well, live well.  I have no idea where this phrase came from, but it’s a good one.  I can’t begin to count the number of dogs that come in with serious problems that stem simply from lack of nutrition.  Feed your dog the best food you can afford, generally speaking, it’s going to be a good quality food….after all, you get what you pay for.  Instead of spending a fortune on treats at the pet store, share your fruits and veggies with your dogs for snacks.  If it’s good for you, it’s probably good for them, but always double check to make sure.

Visit your Veterinarian—Pick a good vet.  You have many choices as a pet owner, so why settle?  Choose a vet who you can talk to about what is best for your dog.  The little Pomeranian that lives in the high rise in the city and never sets foot outside shouldn’t be treated the same as the golden retriever who runs thru the woods every afternoon and joins the family on camping trips.  Pick a vet that understands that and helps you choose a preventative program that suits your pet.  Make sure they answer all your questions….you know the ones that you think of but then go completely blank at the appointment…write them down.  Your vet should take the time to answer them and be able to provide explanations.  Ask about a preventative program.  More vets are offering them to help with the financial aspect of owning a pet.  Instead of lump sums, you can pay installments and part of that program may include unlimited office visits for the year.  You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Be Observant—No one knows your dog better than you do.  Heck, you know them so well that you know when they aren’t blinking as frequently as they should.  Don’t blow off your intuition and get those things checked out.  If you notice it, chances are you can catch something early that might be a really serious problem for your pet.  Be understanding and sympathetic.  If you see something your dog is having trouble with like getting in and out of the car, check out a ramp and give them the freedom to continue to do the things they love.  Canine and human communication has been studied for years for a reason.  Our pets don’t have a voice, but our bond can help us speak for them.  Being healthy isn’t just about medicine.

Share your knowledge,,,the dogs will thank you!



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