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Volunteering-its good for your heart

by User Not Found | Jun 24, 2012

What a great day.  The 2012 NRGRR Rescue Reunion was a great day.  Not only do we get a chance to catch up with our fellow volunteers, we get to see the sweet goldens that have touched our lives.  Quite simply, it reminds us why we do, what we do.  So what exactly do we do?  We rescue Golden Retrievers yes, but not single-handedly of course.  It takes a village of people just to find a dog, bring him in and take care of him until he finds his forever home.  It’s a time commitment, sure, but just think what would happen if we didn’t have that volunteer who donated just five minutes, or the one that donated four weeks.  Doesn’t matter because without both of them and whatever time they gave, we wouldn’t be able to save one dog in need.  Slowly but surely, one volunteer’s five minutes and another’s hour add up to saving hundreds of dogs each year.  Now isn’t that cool?  We’re like a family and once you donate even five minutes, you become part of the family.  We even get together for a reunion once a year!  And our family looks out for each other and most importantly they want to help each other.  I recently ran into a woman who had adopted a dog from us some years ago.  She said NRGRR had given her so much by adopting this dog to her, she was really wanting to give back.  Well why not I say!?  You don’t have time?  I know we are all busy, we all have crazy lives and barely time enough to get things done that we “have” to do as responsible adults.  But how many of those things in your day give you purpose, allow you to help another soul, teach you something and give you an opportunity to contribute to something bigger than yourself?  Now isn’t that something you might want to find the time for?  Isn’t it nice to think about stuff we want to do instead of stuff that we have to do.  I’ve made some great friends in this rescue and I started out not knowing a soul in North Carolina.  They have become my family and somehow no matter what I’m doing or how busy I get, I find time for them because I want to.  The best part is watching other volunteers and being inspired by them.  On Saturday we gave an award to one of the most deserving people I know.  She has a truly difficult job in the rescue and yet she gets up every day and does it all over again and she’s incredibly good at it.  I’ve seen humans bond with dogs they have nursed back to health or shaped their behavior by gaining a dog’s trust and teaching them it’s ok to trust again.  I’ve seen their faces light up when they find the best forever home for those dogs.  They cry tears of joy when they have to say goodbye but turn around and do it all over again because they want to, because they know that without them, we couldn’t save these dogs.   Yesterday I saw volunteers swapping stories about their favorite dogs with the people they met on that transport from the coast.  I saw the volunteer that stuffs envelopes and the one that writes letters to adopters and businesses.  I saw the people that can bake up a storm and did so for so many events we’ve had.  I saw the ladies that work behind the scenes to write requests for grants to help us, help Goldens.  The people that walked in the St. Patrick’s day parade and the people that help sell T-shirts and bags and everything else we can put a golden retriever on.  I saw our photographers who are there at every event, taking great pictures and loving what they do.  It’s awesome.  And we can’t do it, we can’t do it without each and every person and the talents they contribute.  And I love walking around that picnic or any other NRGRR event and seeing all those smiling faces and all those dogs whose lives have changed, who have been saved.  They are thanking us with their unconditional love and that says it all. 

So if you are a volunteer, thank you.  You are what makes saving the lives of these beautiful creatures possible.  And if you aren’t, what are you waiting for?!  What’s your talent?  Go up to any volunteer at the next event and ask how you can help.  There is something for everyone to do, great or small and I think you’ll find yourself making the time because you want to.



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