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Grinchy Feet

by User Not Found | May 19, 2012

I'm trying something new today so bear with me.  I would like to say a special thank you to Gracie Lou Freebush for being so patient with me today while I used her paws for a demo.  Ok here we go….

Golden Retrievers have a lot of hair (shock) and it grows out of everywhere.  Gracie’s ear hair is her 80’s hair because it looks like she unloaded about a can and a half of AquaNet and a crimper on it.  It’s cute, sure, but did you know that it can actually cause physical problems?  Of course you do because you are diligently cleaning and inspecting your dog’s ears, right?  Since we’ve already covered that, it’s time to move to the feet.  Her feet are about as bad as her ears hence the nick name Grinchy feet or Hobbit feet for you Lord of the Rings fans.  Here is a “before” photo.


 A lady once told me this was super cute and it made her dog look like he was wearing slippers.  In fact, she forbade us to cut one single hair on this dog and equated it to chopping off a limb.  Noticeably, dogs with that much hair on their feet can have difficulty with slick floors including hard wood and that’s just a recipe for an injury especially during a particularly feisty game of fetch.  Not that I ever throw a ball in the house, right mom?  This hair can also keep dirt, ticks, fleas, mud, and burrs nice and cozy between the toes.  And for those of you who have lived in the north or for the occasional random snowfall here in the south, you know what it’s like to try and pick snowballs out from between toes.  They are like tiny icebergs!  If you don’t clean them out, the dogs go after them and end up chewing and making their feet wet and sore, sometimes causing bacterial or yeast infections.  Salt can stick to doggie feet and cause irritation as well.  With all that hair, it can be difficult to get feet clean when our pups come in the house, and leaving salt and wetness on them can cause bigger problems.  Ok so trimming hair can help us keep paws clean which means our houses stay clean too, theoretically.  The chewing and licking can cause hair to matt in between their toes and can cause toes to “splay” or spread.  Dogs not walking on their toes properly can lead to joint issues or pain.  It’s a quick and easy fix to keep their hair trimmed, depending on how patient your dog is while you mess with his/her feet!  Gracie and I did a quick trim today so we could show you how to do it.

First, use your finger to pull up the hair in between two toes.


 Second pull the hair straight up.


 Next, use sharp scissors to cut straight across the top of the foot, trimming the long hair that was just pulled up during Step 2.  Be Careful!!!

 Tuck the ends of the hair you just trimmed back in between toes.  Repeat steps in between each toe.


Final shot!  SO much better!  And bye bye Grinchy feet.  It won’t be a groomer’s neat work, but it’s a quick at-home fix.  Your pups will thank you.  While you perform this handy grooming trick you can also inspect feet for lumps and bumps, ticks that may have hitched a ride, or other irritations or issues. 

 If you are feeling particularly scissor savvy, you can trim the bottom of the feet too.  The trick is to trim straight across so that you don’t accidentally cut the pads.  Gracie does a beautiful job demonstrating her cooperation =)


 You can trim around the edge of the entire foot and straight across.


And these are the final finished cute little golden feet.

Happy Grooming!








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