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Available Dogs - Victor and Shadow

Victor and Shadow


I have had the absolute honor of fostering these handsome boys.  If you are thinking “Wow, these two dogs look very similar”, you are absolutely correct.  They are father and son.  The Dad is Shadow.  He’s a little smaller and has the super wrinkly forehead.  Victor is his son.  They love, love, love each other.  You can tell that I am a little obsessed with taking pictures of them hanging out together.  I wish we had the ability to upload video – I have so many of them grooming each other like cats.  We’ve battled some ear issues and one thought was this frequent licking is keeping the ears moist.  But it sure is endearing.  I do ask them to stop when they’re licking heads and they take verbal commands beautifully.

They are absolutely as adorable in person as they appear in pictures.  Very easy going and very easy to have in the house.  They do crave attention, so when working from home, I often put a baby gate up so they can watch me, but not crawl in my lap.  They get so excited when it’s time to walk and do well on the leash.  They have impeccable house manners (if you are OK with dogs on the furniture).  But they’ve gotten their old beds back and are currently curled up on them sleeping.

If you are looking for dogs that will go when you are ready to go.  And hang out when you are ready to hang out, these guys are all you need.  There are two of them, but they are truly so easy, it’s not a problem at all.  At 84 and 75 lbs, they take up space, but their energy is calm and loving.

Reach out if you are interested in meeting Victor and Shadow.  They will melt your heart!!


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 Both are male 


Victor – 6, Shadow - 8 


Victor – 84 pounds, Shadow – 75 pounds 

Health status:  


Major personality traits:  

Sweet, low key, LOVE attention.

Interaction with dogs:  

Great, mostly uninterested

Interaction with cats:  

Great, totally uninterested 

Child requirements:  

Great with kids, but they are large and will knock down a toddler.

Fence requirements:  


General activity level:   Low, but love a walk and a romp.

Work schedule best suited for:   Any             

Leash manners:  


Degree of training needed:  


  • Victor and Shadow Snuggling
    Victor and Shadow Snuggling
  • Victor and Shadow Hoping for Treats
    Victor and Shadow Hoping for Treats
  • Victor and Shadow Ariel View
    Victor and Shadow Ariel View
  • Victor and Shadow keeping an eye on things
    Victor and Shadow keeping an eye on things
  • Victor and Shadow Photo Shoot
    Victor and Shadow Photo Shoot