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Available Dogs -Vance



I don't remember what happened... I don't know what happened to my beautiful tail... but a wonderful group of doggie people took me in and helped me. At first, my wound wouldn't heal, even though my foster family (who, by the way, had older kids, that I loved!!!) tried everything to help me.
Eventually I needed surgery so that my tail wound would finally heal. My foster mama has worked really hard since surgery monitoring my healing. I am feeling much better now!

I love to run and play... especially with the other doggie here. He is smaller, but older. He likes to play, but gets tired of my shenanigans. I love to run and romp, and play fetch...and eat... boy do I love to eat! Now, it is time for me to try and find my fur-ever home and humans. Are you looking for a sweet dog, with soulful eyes? Are you active outside? I love to be outside! (There are squirrels out there!) Do you mind if I sometimes think I am a tiny lap dog?


Reminder for approved applicants - to apply for one or more available dogs, contact your applications advisor. Don't know who your advisor is? Email NRGRRapplications@hotmail.com.

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Two Years old


52 pounds 

Health status:  

Good- recovering from tail surgery

Major personality traits:  

Sweet and loving

Interaction with dogs:  

Does well, and enjoys other dogs

Interaction with cats:  

No cats or other small mammals

Child requirements:  

Loves older kids, probably okay with younger children

Fence requirements:  

Would  love a fenced yard to run in!

General activity level:  

Young, active dog

Work schedule best suited for:  

Has been alone for 6-7 hours

Leash manners:  

Walks fine on a leash, needs to work on leash manners

Degree of training needed:  

Needs additional training. Does not know basic commands

  • Vance with snow on his nose
    Vance with snow on his nose
  • Vance getting a belly rub
    Vance getting a belly rub
  • Vance snuggling
    Vance snuggling
  • vance
  • Vance and his sweet face
    Vance and his sweet face
  • Vance loves to cuddle
    Vance loves to cuddle
  • Vance in the snow
    Vance in the snow