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Available Bonded Pair - Tiff and Becca

becca and tiff - dog and cat pair


Tiff  (the dog) and Becca (the cat) came into NRGRR together as a bonded pair, and will not be separated. Their previous owner, unfortunately, reached an age where it was impossible to care for Tiff and Becca. Tiff is a go with the flow gal who is "over" all of the drama and trivial activities of the younger set. She is calm, collected and happy to follow you around the house for some attention or to lie around and enjoy one of her many daily naps. Her little sugar face looks up at you and you just melt. She gets along well with her foster "brother" who brings out her playful side and loves a few short walks during the day. Tiff is partially deaf so her naps are pretty solid, if she isn't following her foster around, she can get her attention with a little pat or scratch on the back. She can hear some loud noises/vibrations (when  things drop on the floor, for example). Though Tiff enjoys her walks and playing outdoors, she is not agile when it comes to stairs and would do best in a single level home with limited stairs. 

Becca is also content to relax and enjoy the company of her new family! She is declawed on her front paws and enjoys lying around observing household activities. She comes out of her "room" to greet her foster when she comes home from work. Becca enjoys a good dose of attention (that golden trait may have rubbed off on her). She doesn't jump up on furniture or countertops.  She is not really built for those activities but she will sit with you if she is picked up 

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Tiff - Female
Becca - Female


Tiff - 13
Becca -10


Tiff -70 pounds
Becca -13 pounds

Health status:   Tiff - Fair - has trouble with stairs because of her hips. Would do best in a home with no stairs
Becca - overweight but otherwise healthy

Major personality traits:   Tiff - Laid back, easy going
Becca -Laid back, easy going

Interaction with dogs:  

Tiff - Good
Becca - Good

Interaction with cats:  

Tiff - Good
Becca - not known

Child requirements:  

Tiff - older children due to her hearing loss and weak back legs
Becca - not known but should be fine as long as she is with Tiff

Fence requirements:   Tiff - None
Becca - none - she is an indoor cat

General activity level:  

Tiff - Low, though she enjoys a few short walks or lounging outside
Becca - Low

Work schedule best suited for:  

Tiff - Any, although she needs a break to go outside during lunch
Becca - Any

Leash manners:   Tiff - Great
Becca - "Ha ha ha" ( Becca can't imagine being on a leash!)

Degree of training needed:  

Tiff - None
Becca - None

  • becca and tiff cropped
    becca and tiff cropped
  • tiff in the roses
    tiff in the roses
  • Tiff and Becca
    Tiff and Becca
  • Tiff Standing on Bed (2)
    Tiff Standing on Bed (2)
  • Tiff Lounging
    Tiff Lounging
  • Becca Lap cropped
    Becca Lap cropped