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Available Dogs - Thor



My name is Thor but my foster Mom thinks I should be called Leo.  She says that Leo is a fitting name for a fun loving, energetic, loads of personality little boy like me.  I love to be wherever my foster Mom is.  When she lets me on the couch, YAY me, then I get to cuddle very close to her.  I wanted to be on her bed, but that’s a no-no so I lay on the floor by her side.   

I get very excited when she pulls out her car keys and my leash because I think I’m going somewhere with her.   Oh how I LOVE the car rides and my walks!    But when she tells me I need to stay at home while she works during the day, then I calm down, wait for her to come home, then get excited because she’s home.  My foster Mom did put me in a crate the first few days I was with her to make sure I didn’t chew things.  I didn’t like that and made a fuss, but settled down quickly.  I was just sad because she was leaving for the day.  I am now crate free, and a very good boy all day – no messes, no chewing. 

My foster Mom has taken many videos of me in the back yard. She shows them to her friends and says I’m such a joy to watch as I prance around with my fluffy tail like I own the place.  I do love my fenced yard, but I love it more when she is out there with me.   If she is not out there with me because of a cold night, she watches me from the window because she knows I’ll keep looking back for her or I’ll cut short my outdoor time and run to the door to be let in.   I’m not much on dog treats but will take them very gently.   

My foster Mom believes who ever adopts me will be the luckiest humans in the whole wide world!

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Four years, three months


65 pounds

Health status:  

Great, needs to lose some weight.

Major personality traits:   He is a very loving, loyal, sweet cuddle boy that wants to be anywhere you are and looks around to make sure you are not far from him.             

Interaction with dogs:  

Does good with dogs smaller than him or same size, he just wants to play.  Dogs that are bigger than him, he’s timid and growled once.

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

No young children as he gets very excited, jumps up and around and  barks.

Fence requirements:  

Required. He enjoys being outside and will prance / run around the yard.  

General activity level:  

Medium to high

Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:   Still learning.  Will dart through an open door, but settles down quickly for a walk.

Degree of training needed:  

Knows basic commands, sit, stay, laydown, but needs work when he gets excited and jumps up and around and on doors.

  • Thor sleeping
    Thor sleeping
  • Thor wants a treat
    Thor wants a treat
  • Thor
  • Thor likes the car
    Thor likes the car