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Available Dogs - Thatcher



Got a minute?  I'm Thatcher and have a got a story to tell!  On second thought, we might need more than a minute.  And a tennis ball. Definitely need a tennis ball...

I was owner surrendered to a shelter. I think they knew I needed some help they couldn't give me. You see, I had a wound on my neck that had been there for a while. It didn't look so bad on the outside, but looks can be deceiving. I ended up having multiple surgeries over many months to clean it up and close it up. I even got to go stylin in some hip glasses for my laser treatments that helped my wound heal. Mom says they make me look cool. I say they make me look kinda goofy.  What do you think?

Mom says I am a very sweet boy except when I meet other dogs on lead. I have been working hard on that and doing really well with my classes. I will need an experienced Forever Family to help me practice but Mom says I am worth every minute.

So that's the short version. I'll tell you the rest while we play ball!

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Seven years old


65 pounds 

Health status:  

 Good. Needs regular medicated baths

Major personality traits:  

Sweet. Active. Protective

Interaction with dogs:  

Good when propoerly introduced.

Interaction with cats:  

Not tested. Likely to chase.

Child requirements:  

No young children

Fence requirements:  


General activity level:  


Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:  

Work in progress. Pulls some. Learning how to watch dogs pass on lead.

Degree of training needed:  

Knows basic obedience. Needs an experienced owner who can provide strong leadership and reinforce training to date.

  • Thatcher riding in the car
    Thatcher riding in the car
  • Thatcher looking cool!
    Thatcher looking cool!
  • Thatcher 1
    Thatcher 1
  • Thatcher waiting for his forever home
    Thatcher waiting for his forever home
  • Thatcher with the breeze in his hair
    Thatcher with the breeze in his hair