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Available Dogs - Sienna



If you are looking for a furry family member who is sweet, calm, and walks around the house with you, then I am the one for you!  I will be a companion who will be happy to sit at your feet or be close by most of the time, resting or sleeping. I like to sit with my legs crossed as you see in the photo!

My family could not keep me any longer as deployment took them to Germany and I could not go.  

My favorite time of the day is my walks and I have learned to wait patiently, well mostly, for us to go.  And I love  having my tummy rubbed and meal time!  The other times I like to be close to my foster.  When I meet strangers I wag my tail and give them some love.  Most dogs I like but some give me a bad signal and I may growl just a little, and then I am fine.  I do like car rides and need some help getting in the car, but  I can jump out.

I have excellent house manners, and do not need to go out very often. When I do I will stand by the door to let you know.

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Gender:   Female




55 pounds but needs to lose a few.

Health status:  

Good. Vets says remarkable for her age. Is on thyroid medication 

Major personality traits:  

Calm, has shown affection for children

Interaction with dogs:  

Fine with most, occasionally a minor reaction

Interaction with cats:  

not tested

Child requirements:  

fine with children

Fence requirements:  

not required

General activity level:  

Medium to low

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any, can be alone for extended periods

Leash manners:  

Walks fairly well on a leash but does pull occasionally

Degree of training needed:  

Knows basic commands

  • Sienna's smile
    Sienna's smile
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    Sienna walking (1)
  • Sienna (1)
    Sienna (1)