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Available Dogs - Shelby

Shelby Trucker


Shelby and two other dogs were picked up as strays by animal control.  Shelby is a low key girl who prefers to snuggle in a squishy bed covered in blankets.  She loves to eat and chase her human fosters in the house, she even knows how to shake!  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  She has doggie siblings and hangs with the pack, and really loves cats.

When Shelby arrived, she was broken, weak, underweight and hairless.  In the past two months, she has blossomed into a bright brown-eyed quirky girl, with an incredibly sweet personality and beautiful soft fur…..you won’t want to stop petting her and she’s okay with that! Now that we have earned her trust and healed her both physically and emotionally, she gets excited to see her people and even comes to wake us in the morning with sniffs and wags. Her health is generally good, but she takes medication for her thyroid and arthritis and she has a few small tumors that are unable to be removed.  Although we are unsure of how that will affect her down the road, she feels better than she ever has before!  Don’t miss the chance to be loved by this amazing girl.  You’ll never be the same.  

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Fourteen years old


46 pounds

Health status:   Generally good

Major personality traits:   Sweet and silly

Interaction with dogs:  


Interaction with cats:  

She loves kitties

Child requirements:  

Great with kids

Fence requirements:   None required

General activity level:  


Work schedule best suited for:  

Flexible.  Does better with a mid-day break if you work

Leash manners:   She's not much of a walker.  She prefers to hang out inside.

Degree of training needed:  

None - she is a doll and a perfect house guest.

  • Shelby Before collage
    Shelby Before collage
  • Shelby selfie
    Shelby selfie
  • Shelby Trucker
    Shelby Trucker
  • Shelby Full
    Shelby Full
  • Shelby Ewok
    Shelby Ewok