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Available Dog -Scout

Laughing Scout


Scout is your quintessential Golden Boy that could sell you a car or dog treats. He loves to walk with his people, play with his people, watch TV with his people....you get the drift – people are his favorite thing, and Scout wants a home with someone to call his own. They say age is all in your mind, and Scout thinks he is a much younger dog!

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Nine years old


83 pounds

Health status:   Pretty Good

Major personality traits:  

Gentle and affectionate. Young at Heart

Interaction with dogs:  

Does well with other dogs. Likes to run and play

Interaction with cats:  

NO cats!

Child requirements:  

Does fine with children

Fence requirements:   Needs a fenced yard to run in

General activity level:  

Very active with his people, loves to play and be petted.

Work schedule best suited for:  

A normal work schedule is fine

Leash manners:   Okay


Degree of training needed:  

Knows basic commands but could use a brush up.

  • Scout Getting pets
    Scout Getting pets
  • Sleepy Scout
    Sleepy Scout
  • Scout enjoying the breeze
    Scout enjoying the breeze
  • Laughing Scout
    Laughing Scout
  • Freedom Ride Scout
    Freedom Ride Scout