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Available Dogs -Rosie

Happy Rosie


Hi there!  I'm Rosie...or Ro, Ro-Bug, Rose-Bud, Robot, Robo - I don't know it's confusing, my foster Mom calls me a lot of different things.  I was pulled from the shelter after being surrendered very pregnant and ready to give birth.  Thankfully NRGRR scooped me up and I got a warm loving home where I got to give birth and raise my puppies.  I'm not trying to brag, but I did go viral for a bit because I look like a golden mix and all my pups came out looking like little baby black and white cows.  So you'd be adopting a famous internet dog.  All my puppies have been adopted, and I'm hoping my turn is next.  I'm sweet and loving, but can be cautious and anxious in some situations.  The beginning to my life is unknown but if you're patient and loving, I learn to trust and my adorable, funny, and sweet personality comes out.  I love to roll over to tell my foster humans that they can please pet my belly. Every time they give me a kiss, I kiss them back. I was a great Mom to all of my puppies, being their protector and nurturing and loving on them every day until they were big enough to be adopted.  I'm a sweet girl (with adorable ears might I add!) looking for my forever home, and the time to be a puppy myself since I'm still very young.  I finally have my pre-baby body back and am ready to put myself out there on the website for potential matches for me.

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 Approximately one to two years


40 pounds

Health status:   Good

Major personality traits:  

Sweet, snuggly, playful but also can be low key and relax with you in the house.  Can at times be unsure and anxious, but is eager to trust and be loved. 

Interaction with dogs:  

Good, sometimes she takes some warming up but would benefit from another medium energy dog in the house to play with.  A dog that has an easy going demeanor would be best.

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Has been good with all interactions with children

Fence requirements:   Fenced in yard preferred

General activity level:  

Medium.  She loves to go outside and play and run and play with her foster siblings, but also easily calms down and lays in the family room while we're cooking dinner or snuggles with us on the couch.  She is a professional snuggler and prefers being close to her humans.  She likes to sleep with us at night and is quiet throughout the night. 

Work schedule best suited for:  

She's currently only left for a few hours at a time since her foster parents work schedules vary.  She'd love a home with a similar schedule.  She is crate trained and mostly house trained (we've only had one chewing incident when she's been left alone out of crate when we left). 

Leash manners:   Working on it. She is small but does tug a bit.

Degree of training needed:  

Continue work on basic ta=raining. She is still a puppy herself and is learning.

  • Rosie sleeping
    Rosie sleeping
  • Silly Rosie
    Silly Rosie
  • Happy Rosie
    Happy Rosie
  • Rosie and her pups
    Rosie and her pups
  • Rosie with the growing pups
    Rosie with the growing pups
  • Rosie the good mom
    Rosie the good mom
  • Rosie going for a ride
    Rosie going for a ride