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Available Dogs - Rose

Rose listening


It is hard to believe how much I have changed since NRGRR pulled me from a shelter. They found me there with mange and infections on my skin and in my ears. They knew there was a beautiful dog on the inside that would come out with some medicine, medicated baths, and a little time. And look at me now! I guess they saw me with “rose colored glasses.”

I am a “little sweetie” according to my foster mom. I am timid at first, but once I get to know you I love to snuggle up. I am learning that the world is not such a scary place. I started out frightened of the cars coming down the street when we would go for a walk on the sidewalk, but have learned to ignore them (and now I ignore bikes, and scooters and strollers too!). I love going for walks and have a tendency to pull hard on the leash now that I know how much fun they are.  Playing with other dogs and “wrestling” with my foster sister makes me happy.  When a two year-old human came to visit I ran and hid at first, but after a little while I found out that he was okay, even if he was a little noisy. 

I hope my forever family likes to play, and will continue to help me explore the world.

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Seven months


35 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:   Timid at first but then sweet, affectionate and very playful,

Interaction with dogs:  

Loves other dogs!

Interaction with cats:  

Not tested

Child requirements:  

good with any age

Fence requirements:   preferred but not required

General activity level:  

Medium to high. She likes to play but settles down afterwards

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any. Currently crated during the work day

Leash manners:   Still learning

Degree of training needed:  

Basic training (sit, come stay). Still improving on house training, and uses a crate.

  • Rose on deck - 1
    Rose on deck - 1
  • Rose yawning
    Rose yawning
  • Rose ready to play
    Rose ready to play
  • Rose watching for squirrels
    Rose watching for squirrels
  • Sweet Rose
    Sweet Rose
  • Rose's sweet face
    Rose's sweet face
  • Rose napping after a bath
    Rose napping after a bath
  • Rose exploring
    Rose exploring
  • Rose listening
    Rose listening
  • Rose on the sofa
    Rose on the sofa