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Available Dog - Princess

Princess on sofa


Once upon a time, in a kingdom nearby, a beautiful golden Princess was much loved by her family.  But she was hurting, and in what had to be a difficult choice,  they loved her enough to give her up in order to get the medical treatment she needed.  She came to NRGRR a couple days after her surrender and could not contain her excitement!  She was so happy to see total strangers!  She met her older, aloof  four legged brother, and she acted like the goofy little sister.  Princess quickly become fond of the older children in the family,  curling up next to them on the couch or while they played video games. It had been a joy to watch Princess as she healed rediscover the fun a dog should have, exploring the outside world, chasing a ball...  oh and she loves a good game of fetch and can go for hours.  And when you come home from work or errands, she will get so excited she must find the closest thing to her (be it a toy or a bone) and bring it to you as a gift.


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three years old


44 pounds

Health status:   Good. she  recently had surgery on one of her knees.

Major personality traits:  

Very sweet, loving girl

Interaction with dogs:  

Good. she does well with her foster dog and has had good intereactions at the dog park.

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

She has done well with children. Might lean on smaller children

Fence requirements:   Not required

General activity level:  


Work schedule best suited for:  

She has been fine at home during work hours. 

Leash manners:   A work in progress.  


Degree of training needed:  

Basic training. 

  • Princess on deck
    Princess on deck
  • Princess on sofa
    Princess on sofa
  • Princess in car
    Princess in car