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Available Dogs - Olaf

Olaf waiting



Since coming to Neuse River and being in foster care for 2 months, little Olaf has come a long way in overcoming his fears and trusting people.  Olaf somehow ended up at the shelter and could not get pass his feral like fears and would not let any human get close to him.

He has made tremendous progress and now is happy and thriving.   All he wants is your attention. 

With the help of his foster family and foster fur brothers and sister, he has been shown what love and kindness is and learned how to live in a house.  He is not a fan of the crate and prefers to sleep and hang with his pack.  He loves to chew so chew toys are a must.    

He is an excellent walker and has an adorable quirky way of showing off his teeth when he is happy to see you. He will make you laugh!!  

So if you don't mind a pint size golden dude like Olaf with a new zest for life, how about having your people call my people, okay? 

Reminder for approved applicants - to apply for one or more available dogs, contact your applications advisor. Don't know who your advisor is? Email NRGRRapplications@hotmail.com.

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Nine months


30 pounds

Health status:   Good

Major personality traits:   Playful, timid and submissive at times.

Interaction with dogs:  


Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Older children as he play bites

Fence requirements:   Preferred but not required

General activity level:   Medium to low, depending on who is around.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Someone who is home mostly to accommodate potty training.

Leash manners:   Very good walking partner.

Degree of training needed:  

Still learning house rules, all basic training, can sit nice for treats. 

  • Olaf waiting
    Olaf waiting
  • Olaf on the bed
    Olaf on the bed
  • Olaf and his buddy
    Olaf and his buddy
  • Olaf and friends
    Olaf and friends
  • Olaf wants a treat
    Olaf wants a treat