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Available Dogs - Nala

Nala 3


Nala was an owner surrender.  The plus  side is that she received good care.i The minus side is that the loss left her timid and unsure.  Every day in her foster home, she has become more confident of herself.  She hasn't quite gotten to "happy-happy" but she is coming along. Her foster thinks  she will always be a quiet and modest soul.  Although she gets along with other dogs, her foster thinks she would do better where she doesn't have to compete for attention.  She is a nice girl who deserves to be doted on!  Her favorite activity is to sit by the glass front door and watch the world go by.      


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Five to six years


56 pounds (and she needs to lose a few)

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:  

Docile, likes to be petted but doesn't initiate it often, shy and timid with strangers.


Interaction with dogs:  

She is friendly and calm when meeting other dogs on leash.  If she feels pestered by our dog, she makes it known with a bark or a growl but has never demonstrated any aggression.  She just withdraws and lays down.

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Unknown but her foster believes she should be fine with any age.


Fence requirements:   Fence preferred. She has been doing okay with two longs walks but she would probably like the freedom to run.

General activity level:  

Medium - would probably like more activity however she is not demanding

Work schedule best suited for:  

Can probably handle a regular workday, but might need a bathroom break.

Leash manners:   Easy to walk on a leash. Although she is muscular, she does not pull.

Degree of training needed:  

Continue basic training. She learns quickly.