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Available Dog - Myrtle

Myrtle's smiling face


"Hello world my name is Myrtle

And I’m prettier than a turtle

Foster mom calls me Silly Millie

Because I’ll make you happier than a good bowl of chili"

Now that I've got your attention, let’s talk business. I am the cutest, funniest, goofiest, most loving Golden-ish girl that you’ll ever meet. Some people tell foster mom that I must have some Corgi in me but I like Goldens better, so I’m claiming the title! Plus, my personality couldn’t be more Golden if you wanted it to be. I get along pretty good with my foster sister but that wasn’t always the case. I asked foster mom to tell my potential family that patience and good introductions with the resident dogs are going to be the keys to a loving relationship. Just look at my foster sister and me now…… we cuddle every day, and I wouldn’t mind staying with her a bit longer. However it’s time for my new permanent home so that’s why I’m here. It’s a good thing the kitty cat doesn’t come by often because our beginning was rough.  I’m sure I’ll do well if my forever family properly introduces me to their resident cats. I don’t know why you would want a cat when you can have me, but to each their own. When I go out in public, foster mom tells me that my “leash manners” (whatever that is) need some work. I just get so excited with all the smells, people, and critters that I see when we are outside. I want my humans’ attention all to myself so I’m sure my foster sister is ready for me to leave so she can get some loving too. I just want to make up for lost time! I hope you understand so that we can have a wonderful life together. It would be awesome if I could have some canine siblings in my new home but if that’s not possible, I’ll be super happy being your constant companion. I love cuddling on the couch (hope you don’t mind) but I also have quite a bit of energy. I still have a lot of spunk! I’m telling you……. I’m just the ideal companion! Are you going to be the lucky one to take me home?

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Nine years old


40 pounds

Health status:   Good

Major personality traits:  

Very Affectionate, Energetic but also Laid Back, Goofy, Playful

Interaction with dogs:  

Good with propoer introductions

Interaction with cats:  

Good with propoer introductions

Child requirements:  


Fence requirements:   Recommended

General activity level:  

Energetic but, calm, when she needs to be. Adapts easily depending on what type of environment she’s in, and what you’re doing with her

Work schedule best suited for:  

Does okay being alone several hours at a time

Leash manners:   Needs some work 


Degree of training needed:  

Reinforcement of basic commands

  • Myrtle for Halloween
    Myrtle for Halloween
  • Myrtle on the rug
    Myrtle on the rug
  • Myrtle's smiling face
    Myrtle's smiling face
  • Myrtle crossed paws
    Myrtle crossed paws
  • Myrtle's face
    Myrtle's face
  • Myrtle after being groomed
    Myrtle after being groomed