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Dog Available - Moze

Moze happy to meet you!


Hi, my name is Moze and I’m looking for a friendly family to call my own!  I love people.  I’ve been living with my foster family since January and I’ve gotten used to hanging out with my furry foster siblings - we get along well, though I’m cautious about new dogs coming into my home. I have a strong interest in chasing cats, so they might not be good roommates for me. I’m generally calm & mild-mannered and can be cautious when meeting new people, but I can warm up quickly. I need some reassurance and comfort during thunderstorms - I just want extra snuggles to keep me safe.

I’ve been working on my manners, learning to come when called, and I can sit and shake easily. I’m house-trained and love a comfy bed. I love to be outside, especially off-leash, and would love a secure fenced-in backyard to run & play! I’ll need some work on my leash walking skills, but I’m a quick learner.

 I’ve recently been cleared of my heartworms and I’m working on putting on some more weight. I’ve got energy to play and ready to Moze-y on over to meet you!

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Four years


52 pounds

Health status:   Good- just cleared of heartworms and previously had pneumonia. His teeth are worn down from past adventures.

Major personality traits:  

Snuggly, adventurous, happy, sweet

Interaction with dogs:  

Great- he does well with other dogs that he has been introduced to properly

Interaction with cats:   No cats 

Child requirements:   Not much interaction with kids at the moment, but would prefer older children.

Fence requirements:  

Secure fence preferred

General activity level:  

Medium - likes to play, but has been recovering from heartworm treatments so has not been too active.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any - does well throughout the day

Leash manners:   Does okay on the leash

Degree of training needed:   Needs additional leash training
  • Moze sleeping and falling out of bed
    Moze sleeping and falling out of bed
  • Moze says "time for a nap!"
    Moze says "time for a nap!"
  • Moze relaxing
    Moze relaxing
  • Moze happy to meet you!
    Moze happy to meet you!
  • Moze all tuckered out
    Moze all tuckered out
  • Moze playing with a friend
    Moze playing with a friend
  • Moze and his sweet face
    Moze and his sweet face
  • Moze running
    Moze running