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Available Dogs - Miko

Miko Resting


Miko is a sweet, calm but energetic dog!  While he’s 8 years old, he acts like he’s younger! While he’s full of pep (enjoying walks as well as playing with us as and our other golden) he’s also very easy to be around in your home while you’re busy.  Miko has wonderful house manners, he’s never been crated in our home & he absolutely gets along well with children, cats as well as other dogs - he loves the dog park (although bringing the ball back is not in his cards).


You can trust him not to chew on clothes, furniture or anything else & he’s a great traveler as well. He has taken several very long trips back and forth to Texas these last few weeks, he’s been an excellent companion!  One of the lovely things about Miko is his playfulness. Our golden, although a couple years younger than Miko, didn’t really play & was very afraid of storms as well as sounds in the dark when we walked. Miko has been there during our evening walks and recent storms and now our dog is learning that she doesn’t need to react.  He has also taught her to play, and now she is  the instigator which has been a very welcome change.


Miko will be a wonderful addition to your family and he will bring much joy if you decide to make him the “furry” member!  


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Eight years old



Health status:   Good

Major personality traits:   Sweet and energetic

Interaction with dogs:  


Interaction with cats:  

not tested

Child requirements:  


Fence requirements:   Not required

General activity level:  

medium to high - loves to play

Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:   Great

Degree of training needed:  

Knows basic commands; great manners

  • Miko Resting
    Miko Resting